View Full Version : Big Achievement Yet To Achieve

2004-Jun-19, 11:07 AM
WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS UNIVERSE are looking positively as our experiments are going on to search the life on other star, we are studying the other stars to know the potential of their own, we are having large quantity of binaculars and observatories to see whether there is life on other stars, we are sending sattelites
on other star to find the fact, but yet there are big roads to achieve the truth of the universe as whole, THE UNIVERSETODAY is really really an outstanding site which is available to interact, to discuss, to see the discussions, to see the verious people in their words, to exchange views, to teach, to get knowledgeable, this site is very useful and this is limlight in the world's limited sources of discussions, it is a big railwaystation of discussion the views on diferent topics.

This is fine and yet we have to achieve the big tracks of success, achievements,searches,probes of stars, observations, readings, so that we will fully get contentment through this.

sunil deshpande