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2004-Jun-23, 05:41 PM
SUMMARY: A team of physicists from the University of California have built a cluster of nearly 300 computer processors capable of simulating some of the mysteries of the Universe. "The Space Simulator" has a theoretical performance of 1.5 teraflops, which places it at #344 on the list of the 500 fastest computers in the world. It was developed on a budget, though, at a cost of only $1,000 per processor; $500,000 for the whole cluster. It's been used to simulate the structure and evolution of the Universe, supernovae explosions, and X-ray emission from the centre of the galaxy.

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John L
2004-Jun-23, 06:37 PM
An excellent use of tax payer dollars! I'm glad to see that these guys can figure out a cost effective way to get the job done. Sometimes, by limiting the funds available for a promising project, the team is forced to come up with inovations that can revolutionize the field. The Cluster was a cheap way of getting major computing horsepower. Now, instead of spending millions on a dedicated supercomputer, they can lash together a few hundred old PC's and do the same job for a tenth the price. Hurray for inovation on the cheap.

2004-Jun-24, 04:07 PM
NASA should take notice of how to run their operations cost-effectively.

2004-Jun-24, 04:17 PM
On another note-I'm not so positive on the notion of cutting costs and using imaginations to rig together something that has such high value as human spaceflight. Looks like NASA better come up with something unexpected to get on the good side of the light.