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2004-Jun-23, 06:58 PM
SUMMARY: In case you weren't one of the 10,000 plus people who made the trip to Mojave airport to watch Monday's launch of SpaceShipOne, here's a photo gallery of images from that amazing day. A special thanks to correspondent and photographer Tony Hesch for taking these amazing photos from the event. And a big thanks to Scaled Composites for giving Universe Today backstage access to all the action. I really wish I could have made the trip myself... maybe next time. :-)

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2004-Jun-24, 02:32 AM
Beautiful all the same :P The imges are captivating :) B) Thanks Universe Today :)

2004-Jun-24, 04:09 PM
This has got to be my favourite article of all time! Exhilerating!!! How awesome that 83 secondsmust have been. B)

Algenon the mouse
2004-Jun-24, 04:18 PM
I can hardly wait until anyone can go. I know it will probably be very expensive at first, but I can wait.