View Full Version : Heads Up On Tv Programming

2004-Jun-23, 09:32 PM
THANKS for reminding everyone about the Scientific American Frontiers show on Dark Matter and Dark Energy. I saw the preview for it last week, but I forgot all about it until you reminded everyone on the UT.

I'm really thankful when you remind me about something upcoming on TV. I don't know if you do this as a regular feature, or just mention it when there is something worth mentioning (and saddly, there isn't that much about Astronomy/Space on TV).

Thanks again, for the reminder and for the UT!

2004-Jun-23, 11:30 PM
No problem, I actually got an email from the SAF folks letting me know that the show was going to be on. I always watch the show, but it would have been too late to warn you. :-)

If you hear about an upcoming space/astronomy related show, don't hesitate to mention it in the forum.