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2004-Jun-24, 01:01 PM
i had dream once upon a day, regarding some people who were not in a size like a man they were totally different than we people, they had a disk like vehicle with them and moving with the great speed, they were talking about they are on the mission to find the life in the universe, they don't know that where they are going,
just like this many people have some rumours that they have seen in late night some flying objects in the sky with the greater speed, in my opinion this is all rumours !, but some time i feal that may be some one or some unknown people are on the way of earth to reach and they started their journey hundreads of years back, may be they are in the middle distance to reach to we people to visit,
why not because everything here we are just assuming about life in the universe because we still do not have any sort of indication about the life in the universe,we are waiting, and finding the sources it is due to our mind's thirst. yes we are thirsty to find unless and untill we get a solid proof of life in the universe,we are finding still and this is amazing.

sunil deshpande

John L
2004-Jun-24, 02:07 PM

I like your optimism, but I don't share it. We live on a small littel rocky world orbiting an average yellow dwarf star about 2/3 of the way out from the galactic center in a galaxy with somewhere between 100 and 500 billion stars. Our mark on this galaxy, something by which others could recognize that we are here, is our radio emissions. It has only been for the last 68 years that signals strong enough to leave our world and solar system have been emitted by the people of Earth. In that time only a few hundred stars have had the opportunity to hear our faint calls into space, and to hear them they'd have to be listening, and be within the .00005% of the galactic volume that our signal has reached. I have no doubt in my mind that in a universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars, that there is a lot of life out there. But I also think that the odds that some other form of inteligent life knows we exist and is bothering to watch or contact us is ZERO.

2004-Jun-24, 02:53 PM
If an alien race travelled the length of the cosmos to find us, would they really just lurk around making beep-beep noises and scaring the tourists? Seems like a waste of a trip to me :D

2004-Jun-24, 03:48 PM
I have to say Suntrack I like your idea but (like John L) I reckon the chances of contact ever being made is about as close to impossible as you can get, however I do really believe there must be tons of intelligent life out there. After all what makes us think we're all so special!?

On a bit of a different note, If you haven't seen 'Contact' with Jodie Foster, see it! It's on this topic (and with some interesting points about religion as well) and not particularly realistic, but a very good film nonetheless I think - although I am mocked by friends and family alike for being so geeky as to think so!

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2004-Jun-25, 03:39 PM
If another space faring race did visit the Earth, I wouldnít be surprised if they ignored us for a while. For one thing, I doubt if survival anywhere in the Universe is easy and if they can restrict the number of space traveling civilizations in the universe then there are more resources for them.
Pretty much like it is here; a technologically advanced country will not share all its secrets with other countries because the basic idea is to make sure that you always have something better up your sleeve than your neighbor. Let them find the secret and then we'll welcome them to the club. Itís a utopian society where everyone is equal, and maybe the universe isnít utopia

John L
2004-Jun-25, 04:29 PM
Originally posted by Sp1ke@Jun 24 2004, 09:53 AM
If an alien race travelled the length of the cosmos to find us, would they really just lurk around making beep-beep noises and scaring the tourists? Seems like a waste of a trip to me :D
First, you're assuming they're far away, and second you're assuming they have no sense of humor. Maybe there's an alien reality TV show where they film aliens scaring the heck out of poor unsuspecting rubes, and hayseeds. Tonight on Blugh TV, the Anal Probe Marathon!!! :P