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2004-Jun-24, 05:33 PM
How about an "DSO of the week" with a small star chart to help find it. Something people can find with a small scope or even binoculars. A short article about the object, distance, what it is, ertc. Maybe even a professional picuter, amerture picture, and "what you will see with your eye" picture. That last type of picture is really missing online and so many people get disapointed when they look is an eyepiece.

2004-Jun-24, 07:12 PM
i think that will be too har dfor him to keep up with.
it is a lot of work believe me.

2004-Jun-25, 01:48 AM
That's not a bad idea, but as Kostian has said, I don't know if Fraser has the time to add that himself.

However, as a member, you (or anyone else) are more than welcome to do it yourself :)

2004-Jun-25, 04:59 AM
That's very true. :-)

2004-Jun-25, 05:18 AM
Hi mark,

While I agree that this would be a great addition if possible even if it's not you can still find out what is observable in the night sky for both solar system objects to deep sky objects. A very good site for finding out what's viewable from night to night is here at Skymaps (http://www.skymaps.com/). Here you can download a months worth of astronomy or even get it sent to you once a month. All sorts of objects are listed with what you'll need to view them - from naked eye objects on up. Hope this helps.


2004-Jun-25, 12:58 PM
I wish we could add graphics with our posts.

2004-Jun-25, 01:05 PM
We can.

2004-Jun-25, 01:08 PM
Very nice picture Kashi. Where was this one from?

2004-Jun-25, 01:13 PM
Not mine.

2004-Jun-25, 04:41 PM
Actually, I do plan on something like I am speaking of, but with a top 20 list dynamically created based on a person's location and the date. I will be working on the later this summer after I complete the new Clear Sky Alarm Clock, which is so close to completion it's driving my nuts. If/when I complete my project I'm sure Fraser can work in a hook for the number 1 object for a given location or locations. Based on the IP address of the connecter he can determine the country of origin. I'm sure my images will be lacking at first, I can link to on-line source for good images, but the "visual" quality ones will have be taken one at a time. Heck, that's what I have a telescope for anyway!

I may be way off base, but the concept seems pretty simple. No start charts, just a list of suggested objects and some links to existing web resources that can provide star charts.

Mark Casazza


2004-Jun-25, 06:30 PM
hey mark. I really like the clear sky clock.it is very accurate for my skies. I had 4 clear skies in a row coming to an end today but thatnks to your clock i was able to enjoy all 4 of them. :)

2004-Jun-25, 07:52 PM
I have an idea for Fraser about what might be a nice addition to the website. From time to time you have a link to a nice image we can use as wallpaper. It would be nice if there were a point on the website where "wallpaper links" are collected. (If there is such a place and I've missed it, please ignore this.) I find myself changing my wallpaper frequently when I see the nice images you have, but sometimes I want to change back to a previous image.

2004-Jun-25, 08:10 PM
That does exist: