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2004-Jun-25, 12:21 AM
OK, so we have book-review-like things in the News Discussion Forum...but could we also have a book- and movie- Discussion Forum where members and mods can give actual ratings and reviews in Amazon.com style, rather than "Yeah, it was cool"?

2004-Jun-25, 01:58 AM
That's not a bad idea for astronomy and space related books although relevant movies are few and far between (other than sci-fi) - the DVD market is expanding though. At the end of the day, it's up to Fraser.

On a technical note, the Invision Boards themselves don't allow you to set up a user rating scheme like that, but there's no reason why a reviewer can't give his or her own rating within the review itself. There just isn't a way to give an average rating on the forum from all the reviews gathered so far.

2004-Jun-25, 02:51 AM
How 'bout a 1-10?

You know:

Movie: blah blah blah
Rating: 8.5
Review: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

2004-Jun-25, 04:21 AM
Yes, this is a good idea!

And I'll start off with a DVD I bought a few weeks ago.

The Right Stuff - Special Edition
8/10 - better with the real people (see Moon Shot!! for 10/10)
I've seen this movie a heap of times and it inspires me every single time. The book is even better. Starts off with the American race to break the sound barrier with Chuck Yeager on to the selection, training and flights of the Mercury 7. Disc 2 has a heap of special features including biographical data on john glenn (in particular), commentary and voice over of the movie, docos on the cast and the people they portray, old NASA footage and the usual extra scenes etc etc etc. If you like space and the space program and haven't seen this ... do. and if you have seen it, see it again. The only negative thing I thought was the way the initial astronaut selection was done in the movie. Made the politicians and newly founded NASA people look like idiots. I think it was humour but yeah. Other than that, brilliant.

2004-Jun-25, 04:16 PM
A perfect model, Josh! B) :) ;) :lol:
Now we just have to see if Fraser want's to turn this into its own section...maybe one of you two could appeal to him...? (if you think it's a good idea).

2004-Jun-25, 10:43 PM
Fraser's probably seen the topic already but I'll raise it in the Moderator's Section :)

2004-Jun-26, 01:38 AM
Not a bad idea at all.

2004-Jun-26, 01:50 AM
Sounds good to me, start a topic in the forum.

2004-Jun-26, 03:46 AM
Where should we post...the Feedback Section?

Also, I'd looove to use this opportunity to take advantage of giving THEFINALTHEORY a FINALHARDKICKINTHEBALLS. ;) :lol: B) :P