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2004-Jun-25, 05:57 AM
SUMMARY: There's a classic scene in the movie Apollo 13 when scientists and engineers brainstorm solutions to "scrub" the spacecraft's air to remove toxic levels of carbon dioxide. All they've got to work with is what the imperiled astronauts have on board their capsule. They devise a clever solution using what the astronauts have available, and save their lives.

It's a fitting analogy, I think, to the challenge faced by the commissioners for the President's Commission on Implementation of U.S. Space Exploration Policy, a.k.a. the Aldridge report. How do you fundamentally change NASA to make it both safer and more willing to take risks? To re-energize the dream of human spaceflight? To stop battling free enterprise and embrace it? To get humans back to the Moon, and then on to Mars?

"You've got these resources at your disposal, now fix NASA."

What do you think about this story? Post your comments below.

2004-Jun-25, 07:32 AM
Don't get me wrong it is great to see NASA finally get organised/focused on a target and a plan made but i have some major issues with the report.

Lets start with the good points:

1. The plan to expand into the private and commercial sectors.
2. The plan to increase interest and education in space.
3. The plan to aim to increase students studying space related subjects at university.
4. The american government finally getting interested in NASA again and raising the budget.
5. The plan to advance technology.

now im sure there is others but i read that report 10 mins ago and it is really long so this is off the top of my head.


1. The 'new vision' is to focused on exploration. This vision is going to see a return to missions with similar aims to the Apollo and while the Apollo missions were important for achieving that milestone of getting off our planet and exploring for the first time if we continue with missions such as this how far will how civilisation really advance?

Comments on bad points:

1. Exploration - While i recoginise that exploration is an important forerunner of other types of space initiaves which i will get to later, this should not be the main priority as all it will accomplish is humans going to moon or mars walking around doing a couple of experiments then coming home, and all this is going to cost you $B's for little return, i.e in civilisation advancement.
2. The president's 'new vision' is so obviously an attempt to buy american votes in the upcoming election which is bad. This is part of the reason why i believe the vision aims to explore. Because exploration and exploring milestones look good on camera.

My Vision:

A look to the future, an aim for the long term, aspiring to a type 2 and type 3 society.

Main Points:

Similar to bush's vision private sector advancement, increase in space interest, increase in student's studying space related university courses, a refocused nasa, the nasa budget substanially increased.

We need to look towards the future, our societys main aim should be the advancement of our civilisation and the expansion of our civilisation.

Expansion we should aim by 2050 to have begun a colony on Mars with an aim to complete the long term goal of permanent residency on Mars via terraformation.

Process that should undergo:

1. firstly an increased interest in space as nothing can happen without the publics support.
2. An increased budget for NASA.
3. Exploration and research phase. I mentioned before that exploration was a necessary prerequiste for other initiaves as it is but it should only be that a forerunner. This phase should last 5 to 10 years, 15 at the most. This phase should aim at the research and exploration of technologies and methods which will be required to expand the human presence in space.
4. Research and aim and increased funding to develop advanced technologies. Such as a cost-effective, faster, etc space vehicle (i wont say shuttle as to avoid misinterpretations.
5. Implementation of expansion. Once we are ready as a planet, not a country we should begin moving towards Mars and beyond. Hopefully by now we are a type 2 society and we are unified as one people on earth and petty quables are over. Expansion should aim to establish long term colonies and eventual terraformation of other celestial bodies. Starting with Mars, then moving on to Venus, then beyond.

Closing comments:

I firmly believe in my vision which will aim to advance our society and not seek near useless election promises. I believe the hardest parts of this plan will not be the technology related side but the increasing interest in space and the unifiying of our planet. Funding, if we are a type 2 world funding should not be a problem but if we are not, then america should seek alternatives to wars costing $180b +. Reallocation of funds in the budget needs to happen. That is the most i will say on political issues as to avoid a flame war, i wish to keep this thread peaceful.

final statement.

so lets go out into space as one like our ancestors went out to the new world and expand our civilisation.

Links you should all go to:


carl sagan's website (don't know it)


Eric Vaxxine
2004-Jun-25, 09:19 AM
:huh: I would like them to study the moon and mars anomalies WITH US, if it's all rubbish....then discuss it, if it reflects past civilisations, discuss and discount or let us learn from it.