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2004-Jun-27, 04:59 PM
I am looking for an list of an near by red stars or those types how can go supernova. I have been looking for the list on the internet. But so far no luck.

2004-Jun-27, 05:51 PM
If you look at the nearby star catalogs [high proper motion catalogs] you won't find many - most of the nearest stars are red-dwarfs. Only a few Red Giants are fairly nearby. As far as we know the nearest Red Giants [Betelgeuse, Antares, Arcturus, etc] are millions of years away from being likely to explode. Probably the easiest way to find them would be to look at the list of first and second magnitude stars looking for the ones listed as red giants. This would be a short list.

2004-Jun-27, 06:11 PM
ok, thx for that info.

2004-Jun-29, 03:57 AM
Beta pictoris is another. I am not sure if it has enough mass to go supernova, however. Most red giants will become white dwarfs. Our sun for example will be come a red giant but only shrink into a white dwarf when it shuts down hydrogen fusion completely. There should be a separate category, if you ask me, for red giants that were formerly blue giants. Maybe super red giant? These are the ones that will supernova and become neutron stars, pulsars, or balck holes.
However, I for one am quite relieved that no such super red giants are nearby and ready to supernova. I for one do not have a deathwish.

2004-Jun-29, 06:45 AM
Like the others said, there is nothing close by which is likely to go supernova in the next several million years.

Even the closeset red super giant stars are over 300 Light years away, so you can be relieved of that worry. ;)

2004-Jun-29, 03:52 PM
The only red giant that is a possible supernova candidate is Betelgeuse; 427 ly according to Hipparchos. If it goes up it will be no more than a pretty light show.

Here is my own image of this irregular star's surface.


2004-Jun-29, 10:15 PM
There is a difference between red giants and red supergiants.

Red giants don't explode. Arcturus is a red (or actually orange) giant. It will NOT explode.

Red supergiants DO explode as supernovae. Antares and Betelgeuse are red supergiants and will someday explode.

The nearest star that will explode is probably Spica, a blue subgiant 260 light-years away.

Other stars that will explode are Deneb, a white supergiant, and Rigel, a blue supergiant.

For more on stellar evolution, see the fifth chapter of Ken Croswell's book The Alchemy of the Heavens. (http://KenCroswell.com)

Dave Mitsky
2004-Jun-30, 05:01 AM
Well, it's hardly nearby but Rho Cassiopeiae may have already gone supernova:

http://www.astronomy.com/Content/Dynamic/A...01/195ffcgc.asp (http://www.astronomy.com/Content/Dynamic/Articles/000/000/001/195ffcgc.asp)

Dave Mitsky

2004-Jun-30, 05:34 AM
Yes; several more distant stars are candidates for supernova explosions in the next few thousand years; Eta Carinae is another.

But Betelgeuse is the only relatively nearby star that seems to be approaching the final stages...

this animation (not by me) shows the irregular shape of this star more clearly
http://www.aip.de/~mst/pub_files/movies/st...35gm04n12_E.mpg (http://www.aip.de/~mst/pub_files/movies/st35gm04n12_E.mpg)

2004-Jun-30, 05:36 AM
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2004-Jul-01, 02:50 AM
Nice pics.
Quite ominous looking.

2004-Jul-02, 08:04 PM
cool, thx for the info all. :)