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2004-Jun-30, 05:39 PM
SUMMARY: A seven-year journey is nearly over as NASA's Cassini spacecraft is arriving at Saturn later today. The spacecraft will fire its main engine for 96 minutes beginning at 0236 UTC (10:36 pm EDT), which will put it into orbit around Saturn. Scientific data from the spacecraft will arrive on Earth about 4 hours later, and the first photographs will be returned 6 hours after that, at 1239 UTC (8:39 am EDT). As Cassini is performing these operations, the scientific equipment will be running, gathering as much data as possible on this extremely close pass.

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2004-Jun-30, 08:42 PM
7 years journey finally ended, should we celebrate it ^ ^?

2004-Jun-30, 11:35 PM
Let's celebrate AFTER it makes it through the rings safely.

2004-Jul-01, 01:06 AM
Gee, for once I don't have to stay up in the wee hours of the night. Wake up tomorrow morning and then see what hapened at 9 AM!

2004-Jul-01, 01:44 AM
Let's celebrate AFTER it makes it through the rings safely.

A wise suggestion. Agreed! :)

2004-Jul-01, 02:37 AM
I'm watching the NASA-TV feed on the web. Cassini has made it through the rings for the first time, and the SOI burn has begun, and seems to be providing the right thrust. 95 minutes to go on the SOI burn, but my confidence has increased dramatically in the last two minutes.

2004-Jul-01, 03:19 AM
It's cool, watch here: