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2004-Jul-18, 10:40 PM
SUMMARY: After several days of delays, NASA's Aura Earth observation satellite launched on Thursday atop a Boeing Delta II rocket. The liftoff was from Vandenberg Air Force Base at 1002 UTC (6:02 am EDT), and the spacecraft separated 64 minutes later. Once its science mission begins in the next few months, Aura will sample the Earth's atmosphere to help scientists answer several questions: is the ozone layer recovering? what processes affect air quality? and how is the Earth's climate changing?

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2004-Jul-18, 11:14 PM
:huh: another satellite again

2004-Jul-18, 11:34 PM
what we all should be concerned about is not whats going on up THERE.

but rather whats been going on DOWN here

Weather control experiments have been going on by scientist for years

Principally by the US and to a lesser degree the russian scientists.

It has been carried out sometimes with disasterous results.

Those who control the worlds weather.......control the world..!!!

2004-Jul-19, 04:02 AM
I'd like to read more. Can you post some links to sources DIGITARA?

2004-Jul-19, 07:21 AM
:) It's good that NASA has put the last of the series of satellites to moniter the Earth's condition in orbit at last - it will only complement the others (Aqua,Terra) & will help scientists to understand more fully the interreactions between the different parts that mak up the whole. If it helps in understanding the effects of the depletion of the ozone & its effects on all living things then it is a welcome inclusion in the monitoring of our world from space. :)

2004-Jul-19, 04:04 PM
Are you talking about the little aircraft that seem to be cropdusting ALL THE TIME? What are they called? Do you really think that the government is doing this or that we are just paranoid? I don't know if this is happening, but why would the government do that? Why does the weather control who is in control. Where has the weather testing gone wrong? Are we going to end up in "caves of steel" like in isaac asimov's books?

Sarahnade_me in Texas