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2004-Jul-19, 04:16 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has uncovered a group of ancient galaxies that had eluded astronomers using other telescopes. The primordial galaxies were originally discovered using the UK's SCUBA instrument on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii, but the instrument wasn't fine enough to determine which were galaxies in the background, and which were actually groups of galaxies, or objects in the foreground. Spitzer resolved the issue in only 10 minutes, giving the SCUBA team a new method of confirming their findings.

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2004-Jul-19, 07:55 PM
One thing I like about this story is that it shows that there clearly was a time when the galaxies in the universe were much different from the ones we see now, and they do look like the ones predicted by observations and stellar evolution theory. This is pretty strong support for the various big-bang universe models and a major obstacle for the steady-state and tired light models such as Plasma Universe, CREIL, etc.

Finding more of these early starburst galaxies, and getting much more detailed observations of them will be one of the great things that the JWST will accomplish.

2004-Jul-20, 10:13 AM
These galaxies are a pretty big piece of the puzzle of how galaxies form. The next few papers on this subject should be very interesting.

2004-Jul-20, 07:34 PM
This may sound flip but its not.

Has anybody yet identified approximately where the center of the universe is in relation to where we are. Shouldn't there be a void where the big bang was? After all, there aren't any walls to bounce off of!