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2004-Jul-22, 12:58 PM
Hi Guys! im onli 14 love space and stars glad i found dis webbie.. too poor to buy a telescope though :( .... im from singapore here the sky are too bright to see stars i learn bout space through websites i have a question when something get sucked into the black hole where does it goes to?? help im desperate to know the answer thxs thxs maybe 1 day i will get a telescope :D thxs guys ..

2004-Jul-22, 10:57 PM
Welcome to the forum 3rdWorld!
About your query, no one really has a securely defined answer/reason/explanation for things that disappear into a black hole. Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking, who has for years been insisting that black holes erase any information that disappears into them, is working on proposing a new theory which claims that as black holes "fade away" (yes, black holes have a lifetime too) they release the information they formerly sucked in, but the info is released in a different form than when it was sucked in.

2004-Aug-26, 09:59 AM
Hi 3rdworld im 14 too im oso from singapore maybe we can be friends lol .Welcome to the forum this a cool site.

2004-Sep-01, 07:26 PM
Welcome to the site 3rdworld and it's great to know that a lot of young people are part of this site, by the way I'm 15( I'll be 16 this coming Monday.)

2004-Sep-12, 02:16 PM
Many scientists have different theories on your question, 3dworld! Black holes have great mass and gravity and even light cannot escape them. When objects are sucked inside, they become very elongated, maximum at the event horizon. The people who believe there are more than 1 universes, say that black holes are wormholes or connections between 2 different universes.

2004-Sep-13, 08:15 AM
Hi, Callisto! Belated Happy Birthday!!! :D
Hi 3rdworld! Welcome to UT! About blackholes, well, I guess, relevant facts were already given here. There rest are, at the most, intelligent guesses based on scant info about blackholes. Where does something that is sucked in a blackhole go? Nobody has evidence that it leads to somewhere else but we have proof that it emits something like jetstream of particles. It could be that what is sucked became a part of it. You're young. I hope your curiosity about blackholes remains as you grow old. ;)

2004-Sep-19, 08:18 PM
thanks alfchemist!

2004-Sep-21, 04:40 AM
Welcome folks. Nice to see some people here, all the way from Singapore.