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2004-Jul-23, 04:07 PM
SUMMARY: NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe made an impassioned plea to the chairman of the US House Committee on Appropriations to restore $1 billion in funding for the new space exploration initiative, announced earlier this year. In his short letter, he asked the committee to consider how the budget cuts will affect the agency's science programs, and delay the development of new technologies to support the Vision for Space Exploration.

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2004-Jul-23, 05:57 PM
If we are to realize the "New Vision" of "Moon to Mars" let alone "Beyond" at least in my lifetime, we should not be chiseling down NASA's budget at such a critical timepoint of revitalization.
As the recent report of the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy told us: We are starting On "A Journey to Inspire, Innovate and Discover".
It's too important to start what the commission considered a worthwhile endeavor that "will sustain vital national objectives here on Earth [amongst many others] with a cutback budget, that was not big enough to beging with, to get things rolling anyway. Instead, lets Inspire not Hinder

2004-Jul-23, 06:33 PM
I had said earlier that I was afraid that the mission to Mars was an effort to get NASA to put all its eggs in one basket so that the basket could be more easily stolen. Bush overspent in his first term, and cutting NASA may look like a way to make amends.

James Gilliland
2004-Jul-23, 06:56 PM
Perhaps the biggest problem for Congress is the present, short narrow vision, in even considering, not providing the Most appropriate repairs to the Hubble Mission possible and that, obviously, is Humans. How could a Robotic Mission possibly be programmed for the complexity of possible problems that could be encountered in such a situation. They just are Not that advanced as yet.

This position seems to be wearing quite thin with many, other than just Congress. Top management is always subject to replacement. We are losing too many other Top management people over this decision in other agencies. The position itself needs to be reconsidered in the highest levels and dealt with accordingly, election year or not. But that will not happen.

2004-Jul-24, 09:35 AM
Earth climate and life beyond Earth:
Earth Climate is link to the Earth Moon system positionning accuracy .Are we going to have a number of days evolution in the next centuries?
Life beyond Earth is more Debroglie light wave.


Civil Engineer

Eric Vaxxine
2004-Jul-26, 02:43 PM
Despite the scepticism by many seasoned scientists about tampered images from the moon and Mars, the fact is: no one will officially & publically debunk or confirm the images.
So ...Status Quo... I would get involved in the debate about funding, but have no real desire because the truth is out THERE, when it should be in here with us ! It's like paying for a pint of full cream milk and finding you only been given half a pint of skimmed milk when you get home. :angry: