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2004-Jul-28, 04:54 PM
SUMMARY: NASA engineers have approved the design for a new way to attach the space shuttle to the external fuel tank; one of the key milestones required to get the shuttles flying again. The accident that caused the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia happened because the previous attachment was covered in foam to prevent ice building up - foam fell off and struck the shuttle's wing during launch. The new design uses heaters to keep it free of ice, so no foam is required. This new design will be retrofitted to all 11 external fuel tanks, and be used when the first space shuttle flies again in early 2005.

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2004-Jul-29, 01:30 AM
Of course, the new design was already under development for 2 years before the Columbia disaster. How sad.....

2004-Jul-31, 05:38 AM
Alright, I'll make a poll here, but as I don't know how, I'll rephrase it as a question:

Should the NASA agency:

1- Forget spending too much time and money on safety and just get more shuttles and men (and women) in the air ASAP? -Or-....

2- Should NASA take its time to ensure its astronauts have a safe flight, but for the time being with the expense of time and money?

I pick option # 1, but I wanna hear your opinions. Remember, your opinion is up to you. ;) B)