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2004-Jul-28, 05:26 PM
SUMMARY: Scaled Composites has announced that they will make an attempt win the $10 million X Prize with SpaceShipOne on September 30, 2004. In order to win the prize, the spacecraft will need to be carrying the equivalent of 3 people, reach an altitude of 100 km (62.5 miles), and then do it again by October 13th. SpaceShipOne will launch from the Mojave airport again, and Scaled Composites will attempt to complete a second flight within just 5 days. Designer Burt Rutan said that he's fixed the problems that hampered the previous flight, so they shouldn't be a factor.

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2004-Jul-29, 12:52 AM
What does "equivalent of 3 people" mean? I thought they had to carry 3 actual people.

2004-Jul-29, 01:28 AM
Yea me too Kashi, but this came up in an earlier thread. The requirement is for the craft to carry three people or their equivalent into orbit twice in 2 weeks.

2004-Jul-29, 03:25 PM
They need to carry extra ballast weight for the other two people. It would be unreasonably dangerous to take three people on a test flight, but the X Prize wants the teams to prove their machines can carry the weight.

2004-Jul-31, 05:43 AM
Hmm, boy...how fun, this should be a pretty interesting race...