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2004-Jul-30, 07:38 PM
SUMMARY: NASA scientists are inviting the public to help them inspect images of Mars and find important geologic features hidden in the thousands of photographs in the agency's archives. NASA will be adding a set of surveying tools to their Marsoweb website which allows anyone to navigate around the surface of Mars, and then zoom into any region they like. NASA is hoping people can help them find interesting targets for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) which will fly on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) in 2005.

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2004-Jul-30, 09:47 PM
Excellent, public participation in space exploration is the only way to go. I hope we get the link soon :)

2004-Jul-30, 10:51 PM
Great to hear the public can be involved,but how about designing the website in a manner that anyone can understand??Very difficult to navigate and understand the what I was seeing there...when change it let me know,sorry but you lost me.

2004-Jul-31, 06:05 AM
Mm-hmm....but why is NASA only now vouching for the general public at large to contribute and put in a helping hand? Why the sudden change and interest in public opinion? And by the way, how much of the public is actually contributing to or participating in the project in any sort of way, shape, or form? Maybe this project should go on Fraser's 101 List For Public Awareness. ;) :lol:

2004-Jul-31, 11:48 AM
The public have been involved in someway or another, such as comet hunting etc, this will be a great project, look forward to participating.

2004-Jul-31, 02:15 PM
StarLab, re-
Why the sudden change and interest in public opinion?
Maybe it's PR, maybe it's a clever ruse to gain our trust, maybe it's a genuine attempt to change and try something different. Whatever the reason, it is a different thing for them to do, and anything different from them is a good sign. At least they are trying to change.

I checked it out, it was neat. I am using Mac OSX 10.3.3 Panther, with Safari as the browser, and the site only bombed out once(They did warn me). I've already incorporated a strip of Hi-Res shots into an animation for my gliding/flying/lander thingee, with shadows rippling across the uneven terrain. So, I am happy.

And coincidentally, with this weeks stock movement, the parking lot at the Krispee Kreme near one of the very striking canyons was almost empty. :P

2004-Jul-31, 05:17 PM
Tom, send me a couple of those KK's! :wub: And teach CanadaGuy how to surf that NASA site for the public. I think he needs it! :lol: :P

2004-Aug-02, 02:20 AM
nice idea NASA but

how will they filter out the good folk into the science of mars

from the area-51 face on mars crack pots

Eric Vaxxine
2004-Aug-02, 11:14 AM
With so many 'anomalies' floating around the community, it might be NASA's way of bringing it all into the public domain
(and before you think I'm a crackpot for having an open mind about it all) ;)
to discount OR confirm a civilisation existed. It will be interesting to see which areas of Mars they make available and lets see if they offer all the lunar data too!

Why is it so unreasonable to believe that life existed in our solar system before us? Thank heavens the dinosaures left their bones, or people would think megabeasts were figments of crackpots imaginations.