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2004-Jul-30, 07:53 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has picked 9 ideas out of 26 proposals for further study as part of its Astronomical Search for Origins Program. Among the ideas are: a mission that would survey a billion stars in the galaxy; an infrared observatory to examine some of the most distant galaxies in the Universe; an optical-UV replacement to the Hubble Space Telescope; and a mission that would measure the shape of cosmic inflation. Each program will have another 8 months to further develop and refine their concepts, and demonstrate how they can answer the questions: "how did we get here", and "are we alone?"

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2004-Jul-30, 08:07 PM
I'd be interested in seeing the list of 17 projects that just got canned.

2004-Jul-31, 06:08 AM
Now, this is what NASA should have let the general populace at large in on...deciding NASA's future missions, not some cataloguing expedition of a different planet which NASA can handle all by itself...NASA's just making the wrong decisions nowadays, it's just sooo sad! :(

2004-Jul-31, 11:54 AM
I wonder how folks could get information related to the question that Anton asked, I'd be interested too...also to know if they have been shelved completely or just on hold indefinitely.