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2004-Aug-02, 02:20 PM
What place in this whole Universe is most likely to hold life. Some people think that there is life on Mars, some say there might be life on Europa, but I want to know where do you think that there is life most likely?

2004-Aug-02, 03:02 PM
I think our best bets are in nicer planets orbiting other stars. TPF could help us find them, if it ever gets off the ground.

Unfortunately, we won't have the means to go there for some time.

2004-Aug-02, 03:07 PM
:unsure: I dunno. I think Titan has a better chance than Mars.

2004-Aug-02, 03:24 PM
What place in this whole Universe is most likely to hold life.

Unless we're inanimate objects capable of vivid dreaming, earth is a good bet.

Setting attempts at humor aside and in the spirit of Daniel Dennett's faith in the strength and versatility of evolution including the spontaniety of origination of life and the outside chance that panspermia holds, I expect that life will be found on or in most planetary-sized bodies (equal to or more massive than Pluto) in the solar system including the atmospheres of the gas giants. For Mars, Mercury, and earth's moon subsurface acquifers containing water will be the likely abode. If multicellular life is not discovered in the oceans of the Gallilean moons of Jupiter, I'll be forced, well strongly encouraged, to tone down my optimism.

2004-Aug-03, 04:14 PM
I think Jupiter's moons are the most likely. There are tidal forces and other heat sources that reduce the effects of their distance from the sun, and the variety of different environments lead me to think there's a good chance of some sort of life there.

Although we might find rudimentary life on Mars, I think the really interesting stuff might be with the gas giants.

2004-Aug-03, 05:46 PM
There may be life on titan ~ but if your includeing the whole universe then there must be many hundred's of thousands of planets out there some where full of life.

It would be good one day to see life from another planet, but would the "powers that be" try to Control it / kill it / Experiment on it / or deny that it ever was found...

I think that life has visited here before now, maybe over thousands of years from time to time, but i dont think we deserve to see life from another planet yet, seeing as we can look after our own kind and planet.

2004-Aug-04, 03:44 AM

I used to work with a former British Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine Commander, and sometimes we would idle ourselves at lunch by "designing" a Europan submarine. Good times!

Dive Officer, The Christmas tree is Green! :ph34r:

2004-Aug-04, 04:22 AM
I don't think there will be life anywhere in our solar system outside the Earth; life needs some specific conditions to develop in, so we will haver to go to other solar systems to find worlds resembling Earth.

Probably there will be lots of different types of Earths, but you won't get life on Europa unless it got there from Earth somehow.

Mars was slightly Earthlike once, and so was Venus; so there might be fossils there, or (if we are lucky) some life surviving deep underground; but it will be well hidden.

2004-Aug-08, 06:27 PM
I must agree with "sp1ke" - I believe that the Galilean moons are the most likely place to bear life. Europa of course is the most likely. Everyone's first comment when anyone brings up Europa bearing life is "no, it's too far away from the sun" but of course, backing up what "sp1ke" said again, there are sufficient heat sources available to bear life forms.

There is of course a likelyness that there once was life on Mars, but basically, reality is, we won't be able to tell until technology develops even further (I think!)!

2004-Aug-08, 07:31 PM
So for ow I'm guessing the Europa is the best guess to hold life.

2004-Aug-10, 06:08 PM
Can anyone here take a guess as to what year or even century that space programmes will start moving colonies of people up to Mars or any other planet that's capable of holding life?

2004-Aug-10, 06:11 PM
Probably not before 2100. We might, if we are motivated enough, set up a lunar base and a mars program before 2050.

2004-Aug-11, 07:22 PM
I think it'll be really amazing when colonies of people will be moved up into space - who knows what would be next!

2004-Aug-19, 10:29 AM
Around 1100 kinda seems pretty early I was thining a lot more years like 2200 or something like that but you never know.