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2004-Aug-03, 05:20 PM
SUMMARY: Particle physicists believe they have uncovered the reason why our Universe favours matter, instead of being made up of equal parts matter and antimatter. Their experiment was done with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in the USA, which collides electrons and antimatter positrons together to produce a spray of exotic particles. Although complete opposites, the various particles and anti-particles should have similar decay times, but the experimenters found that the anti-particles seem to decay much quicker.

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2004-Aug-03, 06:06 PM
It's interesting that B-mesons have thousands of times more CP violation than Kaons. I wonder if heavier particles have even more. The matter-antimatter war could have been over in the first microsecond of the universe's existence.

2004-Aug-03, 07:34 PM
I can't wait to hear the cries of despair from the Trekkies who so desperately want the Star Trek hyperspace propulsion fiction to be fact. When it dawns on them that the imaginative explanations of a writer of fiction, perhaps a few of the parallel universe people too, have failed a reality check, then they will take to their beers to discover new fancies. Maybe they will move into time travel or other parallel universe conjectures and this accelerated decay and unequal counts will be indications that something went somewhere because it isn't here and the universe just MUST be simple and symmetrical.

Antoniseb, I liked the observation that "the matter-antimatter war could have been over" very quickly after the Bang banged.

2004-Aug-03, 10:05 PM
This is very interesting, and definitely a leap in our understanding of anti-matter. Does this experiment give any clarification for the three types of neutrinos?
Also, what's the difference between antimatter and dark matter?

David S
2004-Aug-03, 11:15 PM
Antimatter - Matter with opposite spin and charge.

Basically, take an electron and give it a positive charge, and you have an anti-electron, or a positron.

Take a proton and give it a negative charge, and you have an anti-proton.

You can have anti-neutrons too, but the opposite charge has to do with the quarks that make up the anti-neutron.

Dark Matter is.........well, we don't know. Our best guess is that it's not the kind of "normal" matter that we are made up of (although, if there is so much more dark matter then normal matter, then I guess dark matter IS normal matter, and the atoms that make us up would be considered exotic).

Personally, I'd be curious as to any theories that say why the anti B-mesons decayed at a different rate.

2004-Aug-04, 10:05 AM
Interesting stuff...I remember but can't exactly regurgitate something about CP violation pointing towards the direction of time being fixed "forward". Anyone care to jump in and school me?


2004-Aug-09, 09:17 PM
Astro, I thought the "opposite spin and charge" were quark properties. Also, I seem to recall the stories of "dark matter" doing some sort of accelerating "push" in intergalactic space. On second thought, suppose that the dark matter "push" is antimatter's anti-gravity? :lol:

M@, check out the "Theory of Time Travel" discussion. There were some folks discussing Einstein and the forward vector stuff you might be looking for.

2005-Jan-22, 11:09 AM
The reason that Antimatter decays faster then Matter is that it does not really belong in this half of the Universe and because of the reverse time wave Antimatter attempts to return to the other side of the Universe creating many opposite energetic effects as compared to Matter. We have a very primitive partial view of how our Universe operates and this limited viewpoint skews our ability to understand that Antimatter exists because most likely an Antimatter Universe also exists. In the beginning which is a misnomer since most likely our Universe formed from an extrusion of a higher dimensional higher frequency plasma cascade that formed two opposite charged flat super universes that rotated in opposite directions and began to spin around each other in concert with the motion of its parent a much Larger Higher Dimensional Universe. The time wave for matter began to expand and move in a forward direction at the speed of gravity, and gravity became the return flow of this higher dimensional cascade of energy that travelled at FTL speeds. Light is a shock wave of this super dynamo interaction between the Matter and Antimatter Universe which is caused by the Gravity Time Wave that flows back around and into all mass creating the gravitational galactic raging storms that appear to look like Hurricanes that also have huge black holes with Antimatter Jets at their centers.

So, because we have a very primitive understanding of the shape of the Universe which in this half of the Matter Universe is a circulation of electrical flows and highly charged plasmas around high pressure expanding antimatter clouds ejected from neostars and low pressure contracting galactic centers, and the high pressure zones then feeds expansion and produces comets and matter/antimatter annihilations adding energetic signatures in shock waves of high frequency light waves such as Gamma and X-rays; then our perspective is conditioned to existing primitive Big Bang Model which limits our ability to visualize the possibility that the Universe is actually very symmetric and is balanced between two opposing directional flows of a Matter/Antimatter Universe that maintains the torgue to drive the gravitational forces.