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2004-Aug-04, 02:04 PM
Hi, I joined the forum yesterday. Since it was brought up, I decided to introduce myself. I'm a 21 y/o female living in NJ. I work full time in the underwriting dept. of a credit card processing company, United Bank Card. I graduated hs in 2001, attended college for nursing for a year, decided that wasn't for me (although it was very interesting) and went to tech. school for commercial arts. Anyway, I wasn't focused enough to finish (i.e. bored and not challenged). I am an artist, a thinker, an animal and music lover, and have always been fascinated with space/ time travel/ any related theories and/or new discoveries. I'm no scientist, and I may not be quite as educated or articulate in speaking about these topics as the rest of you, but I enjoy learning and absorbing as much as I can. I posted a pic. Glad to meet all of you. Have a great day!

Dark ;)

2004-Aug-04, 04:01 PM
Welcome (again) to the forum, Dven! :lol:

2004-Aug-26, 05:03 AM
Dark alright - but the water looks good. D'ya swim? Met Weaselbunny or Galaxygirl yet? Or Damienpaul? Spacemad is in Spain, at the moment, but he's a gas - as is Jimmy, the muso.

Have fun! :D :lol:

2004-Aug-26, 06:08 AM
G'day Dark, welcome to the forum, look forward to your contributions!

2004-Sep-02, 07:49 PM
Welcome to the forum Dark! :)