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2004-Aug-04, 05:33 PM
SUMMARY: Researchers from the UK believe that our Solar System could have formed differently from many other star systems, making places like our home much more rare in the Universe. After examining the 100 or so known extrasolar planetary systems, they found that they probably formed in a manner different from our own Solar System - in a way that's hostile to the formation of life. Planets could form in several different ways, and how the Earth formed is actually quite rare. It will still be 5 more years or so before astronomers have equipment with the resolution to confirm this.

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2004-Aug-04, 07:55 PM
The decay products of short-lived nuclei and un-mixed nucleosynthesis products from the nuclear reactions that made our elements provide clear evidence that fresh stellar debris formed the Earth and meteorites [Nature 262 (1976) 28; Science 195 (1977) 208; Meteoritics 13 (1978) 387; Icarus 41 (1980) 312; Geochem J. 15 (1981) 245; . . . . . Proceedings Third Conf. on Beyond Standard Model Physics BEYOND 2002 (IOP, Bristol, editor: H. V. Klapsor-Kleingrothaus, 2003) 307-316].

This may be like the process that formed the rocky, Earth-like planets that orbit PSR 1257+12 [Science 264 (1994) 538].

It will be interesting to see if the extra-solar planets around ordinary stars formed in a different manner.

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2004-Aug-04, 09:03 PM
Originally posted by om@umr.edu@Aug 4 2004, 07:55 PM
This may be like the process that formed the planets that orbit PSR 1257+12 [Science 264 (1994) 538]
Or maybe not.

We will be seeing a lot of interesting new things in the next twenty years. I agree that it will be interesting to see what's out there.

2004-Aug-05, 01:10 AM
Not being too partial...I would have ton agree :)