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2004-Aug-10, 04:51 PM
SUMMARY: The European Space Agency's Mars Express has relayed images from the NASA Mars rovers for the first time, demonstrating how the robots at Mars can work with each other to keep the data flowing back to Earth. Mars Express flew over the Opportunity rover on August 4, and received 15 images which were stored in the rover's memory. The data was transferred to the ESA's operations centre in Germany, and then passed along to NASA's JPL in Pasadena. This communication was possible because the rovers and Mars Express use the same communication protocols.

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2004-Aug-11, 04:27 PM
that's smart, NASA have the euros to back them up in case something goes off with the current orbiter

good idea

2004-Aug-13, 03:17 AM
this is very interesting to read and gives a good knowleage .
the picture make feel very nature.