View Full Version : Discussion: Cassini Discovers Two New Moons

2004-Aug-22, 04:00 PM
SUMMARY: Cassini has uncovered two new mini-moons of Saturn, orbiting between Mimas and Enceladus. The new moons have been dubbed S/2004 S1 and 2/2004 S2, and scientists estimate that they're approximately 4 km (2.5 miles) in diameter. They were detected using automated software that scans through images taken by Cassini to look for moving objects. Scientists have two theories about moons this small: they could have survived since the formation of the Solar System, or they could have formed more recently by particles from Saturn's ring accumulating together.

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2004-Aug-22, 06:44 PM
What about the possibility that these moonlets are pieces broken off from other moons?
Or that they are captured asteroids?

Just when we thought all the moons around Saturn had been discovered, we go and discover two more. Any chance that this will be it for Saturn, or if Cassini will discover any remaining moons we haven't spoted before?

2004-Aug-22, 06:46 PM
I'm betting there will be lots more found--all small and probably captured. There is lots more in store for this probe.

2004-Aug-22, 08:01 PM
Interesting! Who knows what we will find. There are a lot of things in space/our soloar system we don't know about.

2004-Aug-23, 02:05 PM
It just goes to show you how little we really know. I mean we are still discovering new animals everyday on earth. And we don't really even know what the bottom of the ocean looks like. Humans have a lot more to do in their so far brief existence.