2004-Aug-27, 07:17 AM
:) (1) OCT. 1949, Townsville Qld.
While out fishing, two men sighted a THIRTY METRE long, CIGAR-like object. They described it as being only about 25 metres above the sea and some 500 metres away. It left almost instantaneously.

(2) 10TH OCT. 1935, Newcastle NSW
Mr P. Terry was out fishing when he saw a MUSHROOM-SHAPED object HOVERING some distance away. He used a Kodak Brownie Box camera to take a snapshot. After 10 minutes the object shot off at HIGH SPEED (from a state of hovering!!!).

(3) In the year 1893, Central NSW (years before aircraft were invented!!)
A farmer claimed that a saucer-shaped object landed in one of his paddocks. As the farmer approached the object, a man in strange clothing emerged from it. The farmer walked towards the man who shone some kind of "torch" at him, THROWING HIM TO THE GROUND AND STUNNING HIM. When he came to, the man and the object had gone. THE HAND WHERE THE "TORCH BEAM" HAD HIT HIM WAS PARALYSED FOR LIFE.

2004-Aug-28, 09:44 AM
:unsure: ... Although interesting, I would need a lot more information befor I would dare to sugest that these objects were iether real or e t visators.
Probeble a Valcan deep space explorer. Looking for Mr Cockran. get real. There is no evadance yet that that the earth has ever been visated. Find me some real evadance, and you will have my attention. Untill the men in the black suits come for you... :ph34r: , B)

2004-Aug-28, 06:44 PM
For the second one you said that the guy took the picture of it. Did anything appear on the picture because if it did it could be belivable.