View Full Version : I love it too much"love it =universetoday-website.

2004-Aug-31, 12:39 PM
Its a very fine and very knowledgeble electronic encyclopedia of astronomy, very nicely designed, brilliant views,intelligent writers, an outstanding grinders in forum, [here grinders means the making a smooth powder of any kind of related subject in a appropriate forum], the assumptions on verious topics, the study on the verious topics, the views on verious topics are very very interesting, MR.FRASER CAIN are nicely maintaining all such things in the one pot.
i love it very much,

love it =universetoday website.

wishing long life to you all and a very good health.


2004-Aug-31, 11:40 PM
I can pretty much guarantee everyone on this forum feels the same way about this website as you do. I know I do!

2004-Sep-01, 10:22 AM

Thank you MR.BOSSMAN, you have replied what my heart was telling me, my mind is very free to read the comments which are for and against too.



2004-Sep-01, 05:27 PM
Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. :-)

2004-Sep-02, 02:15 AM
Just bossman, no Mr. please.... And that is the forum is for, debating over space topics, arguing (sp?) for or against something. I hope I see more of your posts suntrack.

And Fraser, keep up the good work!