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2004-Sep-02, 06:15 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has awarded the first contracts for aerospace firms to begin preliminary concept studies for returning humans to the Moon, and then onto Mars. A total of $27 million USD was awarded to eleven companies to work on concepts for human lunar exploration and the crew exploration vehicle; there is also an option for an additional $27 million. The contracts will give the companies six months to work on their ideas, and then the additional six-month options may be exercised depending on the quality of the work.

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2004-Sep-03, 01:28 AM
The red planet what an election gimmick :angry: by a president with the lowest IQ ever :( we should stick to fixing NASA, sorting out the financial mess and getting safe manned space flights operational again.

Mars is a no go for now :ph34r:

2004-Sep-03, 01:44 AM
You may be right, but I hope you're wrong. While NASA will always be subject to the political whims of the people who fund it, I sincerely hope they are fixing whatever the mess was there and we will se a concerted effort to "get there" soon.

I probably won;t get to enjoy it, but I bet my children, or at least children's children, will.

2004-Sep-04, 05:51 AM
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