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2004-Sep-03, 06:30 AM
SUMMARY: According to NASA's Cassini spacecraft, the temperature of Saturn's rings range from cold to really really cold. In this false-colour image, the red signifies 110 Kelvin (-261 degrees F), and the blue is 70 Kelvin (-333 degrees F). Cassini has shown that opaque regions of the rings are cooler, while transparent sections are warmer; this was predicted by scientists before the spacecraft arrived. The data was gathered using one of Cassini's 12 scientific instruments, the composite infrared spectrometer.

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2004-Sep-03, 07:36 AM
very nice picture :D

2004-Sep-07, 01:14 PM
The article said that the transparent rings were warmer and that this was "predicted" before hand. Why did some feel the transparent rings would be warmer? That would be helpful to include, but I can assume a 'break in the space time continuum' happened again (as text-writing space and text-writing time). But thanks for the article.