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2004-Sep-05, 03:40 PM
I have seen one hindi movie "koi mil gaya
"[the meaning of this is "someone met me". in that movie one animal like man came or miss the road and jumped on the earth in night, that spacie don't know how to and where to go, later meet to a 12 year child, child support him to come at his home, latter that man X did all his assignments within a short time, some other work he did in a very short time, that movie was just on such theme.

Now the time has come to search them in the universe whether the sharp and more intelligent life is possible on any other star in the universe, may be the universe has no length and breadth that's why may be on a very very large distance star holding such life we are expecting, may be the life is there but they don't know how to communicate, or may no communication system is available with them, or may be they are using a off frequency as we switch on our system,may be they donot have any radar, sonar, quasar, system with them, may be their brain is not that sharp in thinking in this direction"to contact any other party in the universe".

it is confirm that someone is there i mean some life is possible in this huge universe as a whole, the universe is called in the sanskrit ward "BRAMHAND", the definition of the bramhand :the paradise,the galaxies, star dust, the light, the water,fire,air, sky, earth and more other sattelites, the total scinario in the sky and upper of that all this huge amount of stars, nebulae and supernova,sun, moon,and other thousands of lacs of galaxies, stars, millions of crore of small stars is involved in this Bramhand word.

The alliens or other spacies in the universe, and its searching is a difficult task, the seti-project is working on this one is really have a great meaning, they found a radio message from other possible destination as we are thursty to look or get some more idea about it, may be they do not have any advance equipments with them to contact, may be their vehicles are not that powerful to reach to earth or meet so quickly.

But in next some hundred years it is possible confirmly to contact with them positively, because today they are sending radio message then why not they use more advance system to reach further, that's why one must be very positive to visiting them or eager to meet that alliens in front of earth people.
at least we can imagine their appearance, what will be that?

2004-Sep-06, 07:03 AM
....there are so many possibilites that it is difficult for me to arrive at a single image. How would we react if they were very intelligent but did not sound like it in their speaking? How would we relate to them if their appearance was very unpleasant to our eyes? What if they knew what we were thinking about them? What if it made them very sad that our thoughts toward them were based on our ideas of what they 'should' be like? Or that they found us very unpleasant to smell, or the females of their species had very modest size breasts and large breasted females were considered a deformity? Could we 'get around' these initial differences? I would certainly like to believe we could. If we could do it with aliens, maybe one day we could do it right here, do you think.... :rolleyes:

"Life is an illusion, albeit, a very persistent one." A. Einstein B)

2004-Sep-08, 10:34 AM
yaa, aeries, best wishes, you have droped a light on the alliens that's good thing, we are so hopeful that may be the
scientist will succeed in finding them, hope so
and in my opinion there are certainly somebody is there in such a huge universe, you imagine.

2004-Sep-08, 06:35 PM
....there is no doubt in my mind that other intelligence exist in the Universe. Were we to make contact with each other, it could possibly make Earthlings re-evaluate themselves as a life form, the way in which we view the Universe, a better assessment of our 'importance' (many people believe that we are the ultimate form of life, not only on the planet, but in the entire Universe. Compared to nothing we probably are) in the 'scheme of things'. If Earthlings were more advanced than the Other Life would we eventually try to dominate them as one nation tries to dominate another here on Earth? Or, if the situation were reversed, would they try to dominate us? What if we really liked them but they did not like us? Or, vice versa (same situation reversed). I believe it would be, perhaps, the most exciting event, for all of humanity, to ever take place on the planet. There is a possibility that at this moment in time, we might appear to Other Life to be not yet adequately 'balanced' enough in certain areas to make contact. Violence and destruction are the main tools for settling differences between and within groups of Earthlings. I assume this would need to change before the 'Neighbors' would feel comfortable stopping by for a visit......... B)

"Life is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein :lol: