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2004-Sep-14, 05:34 PM
SUMMARY: SpaceShipOne is getting a boost that will give it a little extra help winning the $10 million X-Prize: a bigger engine. Built by SpaceDev, this new hybrid rocket engine will burn stronger and a for a few seconds longer than the engine that took SpaceShipOne into space earlier this year. If all goes well, SpaceShipOne will make its first attempt on September 29 from the Mojave Spaceport in California. To win the $10 million prize, it'll need to be carrying the equivalent weight of three people, and then repeat the feat within two weeks.

What do you think about this story? Post your comments below.

2004-Sep-14, 06:07 PM
B) I hope they succeed! :D :) ;)

2004-Sep-14, 09:16 PM
I'm going to try to squeeze into one of the three boxes labeled "Equivalent Weight" and be very, very quiet... :o

2004-Sep-15, 03:09 AM
3 rocket motors applied to the SpaceshipOne, wonder what is the chance of success to reach 50 miles above and how did they reduce the weight anyway 3 ppls + 3 rocket motors, that is a lot of weights....

Algenon the mouse
2004-Sep-16, 12:35 AM
Anyone know when the deadline is to win the prize and who is still in the running?

Darth Maestro
2004-Sep-17, 08:14 PM
The deadline is at the end of /04 isn't it?
Sorry Da vinci and SpaceShipOne .... my vote and the 10 million dollars goes to Joe Kittenger. He left Earths atmosphere in 1960 (project Excelsior) and then jumped back into it entering at the speed of sound. Now thats something else!

("I was up on a porch, on the highest step of the world, looking down on our planet. I could see the clouds below, the atmosphere, the haze layer, it was a very profound feeling that i had, the realization of just how hostile that environment is, and it's only 20 miles above our earth. the air outside looks the same but there is no air there. It's like being in an environment that's Cyanide, you take one whif and your dead. So i took that final look around ... said my silent prayer ... hit the button to start the camera's .... and i jumped from the gondola.")Joe Kittenger

2004-Sep-17, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by Darth Maestro@Sep 17 2004, 08:14 PM
my vote and the 10 million dollars goes to Joe Kittenger.
I'd agree with you except for three things:
1. He needed to do it twice in within fourteen days.
2. He had to re-use the same craft both times
3. He didn't go high enough.

Aside from that, what he did was GREAT. I remember reading about it shortly after he did it [in National Geographic]. As I recall he had some equipment failure with his suit that resulted in getting an enourmous hickey on one of his hands.

The photographs were stunning at the time.

Steinke , Russell
2004-Sep-18, 07:51 PM
space ship one will probly win the 10 million..
but i will wait for the starship liberty to makes her apperance
2005 june... :P with her plasma propaltion drives ..
:D and her 6 week misssion to mars

Mr. Steinke
Project Designer

2004-Sep-21, 05:54 AM
Right now I think that SpaceShipOne is the only serious contender for the prize. I think that the media is trying to play up the Da Vinci Project's chances, to make it sound like a two-horse race. The Da Vinci folks are planning on skipping all that unnecessary flight testing and just making a launch attempt - that seems a little... risky. SpaceShipOne had over 20 test flights before they did their suborbital flight this summer. And they had some potentially catastrophic failures that would have destroyed the vehicle if they hadn't been so careful. The success of the Da Vinci folks will come in the coming years when they're able to put their business plan into action and start a viable commercial space tourism enterprise. It would suck if they blew themselves up before getting a chance to see if they can make a viable business. Winning the X-Prize would be a media coup, but it isn't worth the risk.

2004-Sep-21, 06:09 AM
I totally agree, and besides that, who would want to fly with a company that threw cauton to the wind just to win the prize.

Space ship one looks more likely all the time.

But what's the story on this Starship Liberty with plasma propaltion drives, and going to Mars in 6 weeks? This is the first I've heard of it. Boy, when I'm gone, I'm really gone, and miss everything. :(