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2004-Sep-15, 05:35 PM
SUMMARY: Even as it's battening down the hatches for another rough ride at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA is getting as much science as it can out of Hurricane Ivan. The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer aboard NASA's Terra satellite has provided a wealth of data about its formation and structure that will help improve future hurricane forecasts. Scientists need to learn what elements make hurricanes strengthen or weaken, and sometimes make last minute swerves as they approach land - the more they know, the more accurately they can predict hurricane paths to lead evacuation efforts.

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2004-Sep-18, 02:59 PM
There are (after Charlie, Erances, Ivan) Jeanne and forming Javier. Why there are so many hurricanes, taifuns, floods these last weeks, months?
I tried to calculate, if gravitational forces from planets can cause creation of hurricanes.
Venus was after and before its transit (8.6.2004) quite close to Earth-little more than 50 millions km nearly 100 days.
Earth and Venus are not revolving one another (like Moon-Earth or Earth-Sun) so total gravity (not only tidal part) of Venus can cause on Earth whirls, fluxes...
Acceleration (on Earth) due to Venus gravity is 0,00000013m/(s.s) and due to round shape of Earth there is only circa 0,2 of this force working for area +-10 degrees (latitude) on some places, what is 0,000000026m/(s.s).
If this gravity of Venus is working till 100 days so acceleration from Venus causes, that velocity of air, water masses can be a.t what is 3600s . 24. 100 . 0,000000026m/(s.s)= 0,22m/s.
Masses of air, water due to this acceleration, speed can during 100 days move till 1000km!
I calculated also gravity force from object with mass 25. Jupiter and acceleration (its active part 0,2) due to such heavy object from distance 2 billion km is 0,00000016m/(s.s), and after it speed of air, water masses can be 1,38m/s. With this speed can masses of air, water move per 100 days till 6000km! Because Earth is +- 150 millions km from Sun and that body 2000 millions, so only 1/7 of this force is active...
Are these forces enough powerfull for creation of hurricanes?
I think that together with tidal forces of Moon, Sun, with Coriolis forces, natural fluxes of water, air- yes!