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2004-Sep-17, 10:48 PM
SUMMARY: This is a 1024x768 desktop wallpaper of a beautiful image of Saturn's rings, taken by Cassini on July 30. This image shows a view looking through the planet's C ring, which is closest to Saturn. It also shows the Cassini division, which separates the A and B rings by a 4,800 km (2,980 mile) gap.

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2004-Sep-19, 12:02 PM
wonderful planet :D

2004-Sep-20, 09:00 PM
Cool! (a useful pun perhaps?)

In a previous article it was suggested that the rings may have the consistency of mud. From the colors it looks like clay. I can see it now, future space-living citizens making porcelin products to ship to earth. Saturn's rings get turned into something looking like swiss cheese as commercial probes swing through them for materials and head back to earth (or where ever the future centers of population might be) and the material is injected into molds on the way. So these industrial craft then make a pass around the sun (maybe the neighborhood of Venus' orbit is close enough, were that necessary) and drop off the completed items to earth. I doubt that it would be plates and bowls, as in household dishes, but possibly ceramic engine blocks, walls and arched trusses, perhaps even turtle-shell style mobile homes with some generous inside room and wonderful thermal properties to reduce the need for air conditioners while keeping people shaded and cool. Then we would have the same discussions in the future about conserving the rings of Saturn as we do today about conserving our petroleum resources. ;)