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2004-Sep-17, 11:13 PM
SUMMARY: The crew of the International Space Station have successfully repaired a malfunctioning oxygen system that broke nearly two weeks ago. Commander Gennady Padalka and Science Officer Mike Fincke replaced the Russian-built Elektron system's liquids unit with a part rebuilt from scavenged components. They also got some incredible views of Hurricane Ivan as it swept underneath the station on its way to ravage the US' Gulf Coast.

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2004-Sep-18, 03:24 PM
what a photo of Hurricane Ivan

J-Marc Brauer
2004-Sep-19, 08:32 AM
The solution of refurbishing one elektron oxygen generator with scavenged parts coming from the others (even if not totally operationnal) could be a transitional solution and allows the end of the actual crew mission. Oxygen supply by the tanks, and oxygen candles give enough safety for the last month.
But is it really a good thing to launch onboard a new crew for 6 months in such uncertain conditions ?
As far as I know the new crew can't have any "new generator" in their payload.

It would be amazing to have so great precautions to ensure the return in flight of the shuttle, and on the other hand so much risks for the safety of the ISS crew.

J-Marc Brauer
French Physics teacher