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2004-Sep-29, 05:31 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts has selected 12 proposals for further study as part of its goal of finding revolutionary ideas that could help the agency's plans for human space exploration. Proposals selected as part of Phase 1 will receive $75,000 for a six-month study. Those selected for Phase 2 will have two years and $400,000 to further develop their concept. Some of the Phase 1 winners include an infrared observatory on the Moon, lunar space elevators, electrostatic radiation shields and a plasma propulsion system.

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2004-Sep-29, 05:44 PM
There were some pretty interesting projects that got grants for further work.
The one that caught my eye was this one:
-Efficient Direct Conversion of Sunlight to Coherent Light at High Average Power in Space.

How can they do this? This may have huge implications for solar energy.

John L
2004-Sep-29, 06:37 PM
I like the electrostatic radiation shield (pictured in the article) and the lunar space elevator concepts. I think both will allow rapid and widescaled lunar industrial development. I'll be applying for an auditor job and whatever company finally makes it up there.