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2004-Sep-30, 05:02 PM
SUMMARY: This photo, taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, shows the tiny moon Prometheus, which serves as a shepherd to the inside edge of Saturn's knotted F ring. It's only 102 km (63 miles) long, so Cassini had to take several images of it, which were then stitched together on computer to enhance resolution and reduce noise. It was first discovered during the Voyager mission, and scientists saw a hint of the ridges, valleys and craters that marred its irregular surface. Cassini is expected to make a much closer flyby of the tiny moon later in its mission.

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2004-Oct-01, 12:49 AM
One thing that is cool about this picture is that the moon is silhouted against the dimly lit ring. One thing that is confusing about this is that this shepherd moon is somehow between Cassini and the ring it shepherds. How did that happen?