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2004-Oct-18, 05:28 PM
SUMMARY: The crew of Expedition 10 arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday, after a malfunction forced them to dock their Soyuz spacecraft manually. For an unknown reason, the spacecraft sped up when it was only 200 metres (650 feet) the station, so Salizhan Sharipov had to override the automated system, and complete the docking manually. Once the Soyuz TMA-5 was firmly docked to the Pirs airlock module, the three crew entered the station to a warm greeting by the two-man crew of Expedition 9; they're set to return on October 23.

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2004-Oct-18, 06:10 PM
This is one good good example of what the ISS could be used for- emergency dockings. I know that's not what happenned, but this event demonstrates that such a solution in a problematic situation would work.

If you would and you could then you should.