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2004-Oct-18, 08:05 PM
SUMMARY: What a wonderful week to be out under the stars! The nights are cool and clear, and there will be many enjoyable astronomy things to do. As we lead up to next week's total lunar eclipse, the Moon is a highlight in the night sky. But be on watch all week as Orionid meteor activity will be up. Here's what's up day by day from October 18 to 24!

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Gary Millward
2004-Oct-18, 09:26 PM

Fantastic artical - your enthusiasm is catching!!

Thank You.

2004-Oct-18, 10:52 PM
This is a great addition to UT - I hope we see more of Tammy's energetic posts!

2004-Oct-20, 12:28 AM
I thank you for your kind responses!

As the weeks progress, I hope to add more and more interesting things to do based on a wide variety of topics. I try to aim things towards observers of all skill levels -- not just those with large telescopes!

If you have eyes, a pair of binoculars (even cheapies!), a small telescope, a large telescope, or even just an interest in "what's going on out there", it's my goal to inspire you towards the night sky!

Light Speed...


Peter Canuck
2004-Oct-20, 01:44 AM
I show'd this to my son and he couldn't wait to get out the telescope.
Thanks for putting things into fairly simple words so he can enjoy it.
Now if the clouds would move away and the snow would stop (no smart remarks there Vancouver folks) it would be a great night to gaze a prairie moon.
Maybe tomorrow night.

Peter Canuck
2004-Oct-21, 03:32 AM
24 hours later.
Still cloudy. Freezing Rain.
Has Lex Luthor unleashed a weather machine on Saskatchewan?
I miss my big amber harvest moon!