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2004-Oct-19, 04:26 PM
SUMMARY: The European Space Agency's Mars Express took this image of the rim of impact crater Huygens, which is 450 km (280 miles) across. By counting craters in the area, researchers have determined that Huygens was blasted out approximately 4 billion years ago, early on in Mars' history when the planet was being heavily bombarded like the rest of the planets in the Solar System. The rim seems to show a tributary system that could have been water runoff in the ancient Martian past.

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2004-Oct-19, 04:31 PM
Hmm...a plausible possibility...

2004-Oct-19, 05:41 PM
Hmmm...sounds marginally plausible.

The inside of the crater itself is hardly cratered while the surrounding area is heavily cratered, shouldn't both areas be equally heavily cratered for the dating to work?
And about water run-off, running where to?
What about the apparent direction (elongation) of the craters surrounding Huygens (especially the left part on the overview image on the link of the ESA site) predominantly away from the crater itself?
Another thing is the mention of a heavily eroded outer rim, while there are steep cliffs visible looking quite fresh.