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2004-Oct-20, 04:47 PM
SUMMARY: You might want to set your alarm clock a little earlier on Thursday morning, so you can enjoy the Orionid meteor shower. If you look towards the constellation of Orion, with its easy to find belt, and be patient, you should see at least a few meteors streak past in the sky. This annual event happens because the Earth is passing through the dust trail of Halley's Comet, which returns to the Sun every 76 years. Orionids move fast, striking the atmosphere at 66 km/s (148,000 mph), which means they can be more spectacular that other, slower moving meteor showers. In dark conditions, you can expect to see 15-30 meteors an hour; less in the city.

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2004-Oct-22, 12:49 AM
Am I the only lucky one to have seen any meteorites on Thursday 21st - rather Friday morning 22nd (as it was just a little after midnight when I left work)? I donīt see anybody else commenting on them! :unsure:

The first one was just a little streak in the sky captured out of the corner of the eye but the second was really bright & happened just a minute or two before I arrived home! :) Fortunately tonight the sky was very clear - unlike yesterday night when I had to walk home in a downpour! I couldnīt see any yesterday therefore! :angry: :(

In dark conditions, you can expect to see 15-30 meteors an hour; less in the city.

In that case I was really lucky - seeing two in less than 20 minutes!!!

2004-Oct-22, 05:53 AM
I was out this morning, but it was a little late and the sky was starting to brighten. Venus was blazing in the sky though.