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2004-Oct-24, 01:22 AM
:ph34r: I just wanna know if the cloaking technology exists, and if if does or doesn't what exactly is it? And how would does it work?


2004-Oct-24, 03:16 AM
Not like the Klingon and Romulan ships from Star Trek.

Stealth bombers are designed in such a way to be naturally cloaked from aviation radar.
Cloaking is usually associated with a means of reflecting back to potental viewers the immediate surroundings of the object without the object itself.
Which can be done with mirrors to some degree, but not with large objects.

2004-Oct-24, 04:37 AM
I've read articles and seen pictures of "cloaking" of military vehicles. A tank was covered in fiber optic cables so that an image from the far side of the tank was seen instead of the tank. Here's a site (http://http://www.nasatech.com/Briefs/Aug00/NPO20706.html) that may give you some insight.

2004-Oct-24, 08:48 PM
Both the willysuit (personal combat cloak ) and the abovementioned tank cloak were copied directly from the way that certain species of octopi do it --reproduce what is sensed on one side, on the other side. There's a bit of debate over whether it's done intelligently or reflexively by the octopi.