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2004-Oct-26, 03:26 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Cassini spacecraft will pass only 1,200 km (745 miles) above the surface of Titan today, delivering the most detailed pictures ever taken of the mysterious, methane covered moon. This image was taken on October 24, when the spacecraft was still more than 1.2 million km (745,000 miles) away, so the view is going to get much better. The photo was taken using a special filter that allows Cassini to mostly peer through the enshrouding methane atmosphere and see some of the moon's surface features, such as the bright, continent-sized Xanadu region.

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2004-Oct-27, 05:44 AM
I saw the recent pictures: JPL Saturn web site (http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/home/index.cfm)

NICE!!!!!!! :lol:

2004-Oct-27, 06:30 AM
awesome stuff, quite a bit of detail present, thanks for the link dave!

2004-Oct-27, 08:14 AM
Wow! it is getting better and better, just wish to know whats exactlydown there;
1. Is Titan having continental plates like earth; of course no life possibly; i wish they name one of the Africa II.
2. Whats the color of the liuid body down there if any?
3. Any volcanic activities?
I can go on and on about this, the closer they get the more I wish them the best nothing goes wrong as the mission approach Titan, it's going to be a amazing revelation!

Or what do you think about what might be revealed unto us?

:unsure: :huh:

2004-Oct-27, 12:27 PM
look at it, :D amazing !

2004-Oct-27, 03:03 PM
I saw the pics too... looks like a B/W image of Mars... quite spectacular and well worth the wait :)

2004-Oct-27, 05:09 PM
The photo is wonderful...the link is appreciated. That moon is so inspiring! Compared with ours; to me...it looks so active and alive. Titan is worth every question to be answered. :)

2004-Oct-27, 08:01 PM
Amazing, just amazing! Can't wait till X-Mas eve to see whats down there. Hope everything goes well, unlike Beagle2.