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2004-Oct-28, 06:11 PM
SUMMARY: Well, how did it go? Did you get a chance to see the eclipse from your part of the world? Did you share it with your friends and family, and maybe build a little astronomy enthusiasm in your loved ones? One eye on the sky and one eye on the game? Come to the forum and share your experiences from last night. I'll let you know how my night went. If you got pictures from last night, join the forum and post your photos into the Astrophotography forum and enjoy the "ooohs and ahhhs" from jealous rained out (or geographically challenged) forum members from around the world. Next eclipse is in 2007.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2004-Oct-28, 06:22 PM
As you probably all know, we live on the West Coast of Canada, in a small town on Vancouver Island called Courtenay (go ahead, Google it, I'll wait). Autumn = rain around here, in fact, I've got a bit of a lake in my back yard from all the rain we've had in the last few days, so I was all prepared for another eclipse no show.

We'd planned to take the kids over to Katrina's cousin's house, since he's got a great view of the sky towards the South (and, I think think eclipses are best spent with other people).

Amazingly, the sky cleared up on Tuesday, and stayed completely clear all the way through Wednesday. Even as the eclipse was beginning, the sky was pretty much clear to the South. Chloe had already told everyone at her daycare that there was going to be an eclipse, and she was going out of her head with excitement as the Moon started to darken.

We all spent a few minutes outside watching the "bite" grow across the Moon, and then went inside to eat dinner. We finished up and went back outside around 45 minutes before the maximum eclipse, and the clouds were starting to sock in around the Moon. It was hard tell where the Moon was darkening from the Earth's shadow, and which was because of the clouds.

By the time it reached maximum, the Moon was just a dull red glow behind the clouds and we figured it was time to wrap it up. It was an hour after the kids' bedtime anyway, and they were getting pretty cranky.

Still, it was really fun time, visiting with family, and sharing the eclipse with everyone.

2004-Oct-28, 06:37 PM
Originally posted by MoroccoMike@Oct 28 2004, 06:25 PM
Yeah, SOX!
It was cloudy where I was, but the Fox Network kept showing the moon during the final World Series game, so I was keeping an eye on it.

2004-Oct-28, 06:39 PM

Like 90% of the eclipse area, we were cloudy and rainy&#33; I did some videography and photography of an eclipse in N. Africa many moons ago. I&#39;m trying to dig out the B & W&#39;s I took. No, it wasn&#39;t THAT long ago&#33; Color photography had been invented&#33; <_<

I watched the observatory in the Canary Islands. They had the nicest looking one except when they went off line for a period of time. It seemed they postered the eclipse at its height without showing the eclipse&#39;s egress. :huh:

I thought it was more than symbolic that the eclipse was eclipsed by the clouds for the eclipsing of the eclipsed Cardinals with the final eclipsing of the now, eclipsed curse (I&#39;m really into repetition&#33;). Yay, SOX&#33; :lol:

I lived in Soxland during the mid-sixties pennant fun. I think the 2007 eclipse should be the symbolic year of ridding the curse for the Cubs&#33; Now I think it should be said, "GO CUBS&#33;"

Casablanca, Morocco B)

andy burns
2004-Oct-28, 06:51 PM
Lovely thunderstorms, wind and wetness here in the UK, and some of it was the weather&#33; I was able to snap some pre-eclipse pictures, then dash out into the clearing skies using a Nikon D100 and Sigma 600mm lens (the film camera was on a Meade 105mm - but too cubersome to risk in the rain.
I have used PSP to merge some of the shots - what size do you allow? 800mm width - jpegs?


2004-Oct-28, 07:03 PM
You can post up to 100K files in the astrophotography section. But I&#39;d rather you resize them down to 400 pixels wide or so.

Jim Cummings
2004-Oct-28, 07:10 PM
As a lifelong Sox fan (feeling pretty darn good for a change), I was a bit nervous when the Cards sent up a pinch hitter named Luna near the end of totality, with one on in the eighth. . . . luckily, the lights were out on him, too--he struck out&#33;

We had mostly clear skies here in New Mexico (though we can&#39;t be complacent, as they tend to roll in at inoportune times, like the night of Hayakutake&#39;s closest approach when they came in just after the moon set, blocking what was for a few fleeting minutes about a 60degree tail).

We had the neighbors over, and took a look through the &#39;scope and binocs at Andromeda and the Pleaides as well. A fun time was had all around&#33;

2004-Oct-28, 07:43 PM
Beautiful weather here on Long Island, NY&#33; I sat outside with my binoculars and watched for about 2 hours....it was amazing&#33; Wish I had some photos to share, but my camera battery died&#33;&#33;&#33;

2004-Oct-28, 08:01 PM
The skies were clear in Seattle. Rare for this time of year. My son and I watched through my 45X spotting scope. It was his first eclipse (he is 11) and was excited about it.

Garry Murphy
2004-Oct-28, 08:01 PM
:ph34r: Hi Frazer,

I enclose a photo of the eclipse - no its not a photo of Blackpool by night - its what one could see from Dublin.

Garry Murphy

2004-Oct-28, 08:06 PM
Absolutely beautiful and clear here in Calgary, albeit a bit on the chilly side. We had an excellent view from start to finish, watching the eclipse from our back yard deck while sipping cocoa and watching the Sox clean it up.

My five year old even drew pictures so he could take them to his kindergarten class for show and tell.

My 12 yr old daughter was all excited about it at the start, but as the shadow slowly crept across the moon she lost interest and went inside to play with her friend. Once the full eclipse was happening I called her back out, and she was amazed at the deep red colour of the moon. I explained how it worked, and she spent the rest of the evening waiting for the limb to emerge. The bright limb came out about 20 minutes later, evoking a chorus of ooos and ahhhs from the assembly of neighbors and friends--both because of the brightness and the suddancy of the appearence.

I had brought out 2 pairs of binos and a friend brought over his as well, so we all got to take turns looking not only at the moon, but other objects that became visible in the darkness of the eclipse.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening&#33; :)

Karen M.
2004-Oct-28, 08:51 PM
Well, here in Baltimore, Maryland, the forecast was for cloudy. I went outside just before sunset and saw it clear&#33; So, I got ready to watch the show. Right at 11pm EDT (Totality was supposed to be around 11:15), the skies clouded up, and I barely got to see totality. All I really could see was an orange haze in the silver haze. Without much of a show to watch - other than an awesome World Series game - I went to bed, and it was still cloudy this morning. Part of the problem living in this area, there are so many astronomy sights I miss seeing&#33;

Hope everyone else had better luck than I.


2004-Oct-28, 08:51 PM
Intermittant rain and constant cloud coverage, plus the event started at 2:14 AM, and as my boss expected me to both show up for work, and to actually do something meant it wasn&#39;t worth staying up all night in the extremely slim chance I might have seen something other than a bright spot through the clouds before it started.

2004-Oct-28, 09:37 PM
Actually, I forgot that the eclipse will happen last night until I get out from the Marshall strore on Arizona Mills. I take a picture with an ordinary camera, that is really small, but I still take it, cuz, I&#39;m not gonna see it again until the time of my graduate, Oooo....what???? 07. Yeah, but it&#39;s not full eclipse, there still some part that is bright. Yeah, but it&#39;s cool to see that ecclipse :D . Yeah, I like it.

2004-Oct-28, 10:17 PM
A Great Chicago Lunar Eclipse

Wow...What a great night for a lunar eclipse&#33;

I checked the weather conditions at t-10 hours...and it looked promising. The sun was out all day, but Chicago has very bad luck for fall evening observation sessions. I kept checking throughout the day and the Chicago clear sky clock promised good conditions with minimal cloud cover. I was optimistic and prepared my equipment for the session.

I arrived at the Adler Planetarium later than I expected, but was in time to sit in on the planning session for all Telescope Interpreters for the evenings action plan. I brought my own scope, (didn&#39;t utilize an Adler scope), and we set up by the south lawn of the Planetarium ready to observe and serve. Along with the Chicago Astronomers, were members of the Adler to share views with the public with Adler scopes or scopes of their own.

The Chicago Astronomers set up and grouped together and we waited for the show to begin. The weather was a bit cool, and we had high thin clouds, but fine for an eclipse. I had playing a compilation of classical tunes while people peered thru my eyepiece. I received many compliments on my choice of tunes ranging from Mozart, Beethoven to Rachmaninoff and Bach. Many felt it set the mood and enhanced the experience...and I thought so as well. Television cameras from various stations swarmed the astronomers and their telescopes.Many were captured on camera for comment or static shots...including myself.

As the moon entered totality, I had expected a much more colorful event, but as it turned out...it became rather dim and dark - without the great color that we expect from an eclipse. The wispy clouds and heavy dew didn&#39;t help either. But we continued our observations and sharing views with the public. I obtained more emails from interested people for the Chicago Astronomer newsletter and Forum, and I assisted this very nice family with their 60mm refractor that they just got. (I think that a 60mm refracting telescope is a fine entry scope, as it will show one great sites and build experience.)

As the eclipse passed it&#39;s height, people started to depart, but hardcore astronomers that we are - stayed to marvel at the event, and as we won&#39;t see another one till 2007, we had to make this one last.

Backs, legs and feet started to ache and the dew started to get really bad, as some of the Cassagrains there started to fog up, and my own eyepiece suffered a bit of fogging if long stretches of observation time was had. But overall, my trusty 4.5" scope dealt with the conditions quite well. My paperwork was damp, but not my spirits.

All those who set up scopes packed up and left, but the truly hardcore astronomers stayed till around 11:30 pm.

It was indeed a great night of moon watching, seeing old friends and meeting new people. I had great conversations and so happy that the skies graced Chicago with clear enough skies to view this celestial event. Everyone had a good time, as this was a great gift of a lunar eclipse for us all.

Ain&#39;t being an Astronomer so cool? :D

Full Accounts are posted on the Chicago Astronomer Forum with images of the event: http://astronomer.proboards23.com/index.cg...&num=1098947844 (http://astronomer.proboards23.com/index.cgi?board=Lunar&action=display&num=1098947844)

2004-Oct-28, 11:16 PM
Great View of eclipse from El Centro, California.

I am working near the Mexican border, in a nice town called El Centro and the eclipse was very visible last night. Surprised me since it had rained all day&#33;

We were eating dinner and watching the game, and I went outside around 8:15 and it appeared to be near totality. very beautiful.

My work partners eventually went out to see what the hell I was looking at. Eventually all the folks in the sports bar went outside and ooed and awed. Of course they all went back in to see the game.

Go Dodgers&#33;

2004-Oct-28, 11:19 PM
:( Unfortunately I don&#39;t think I could see it where I am which is a shame because I would have really liked to. :(

2004-Oct-28, 11:27 PM
A thunderstorm blew in around five so I was worried we&#39;d miss the eclipse like we missed the Orinids and Leonids. I checked the sky at 8:15 (I was attending a night class) and the clouds were clearing. Class was over at 8:45 and I was off and running. I had a beautiful view all the way home. When I got home I dragged my daughters and the neighbor kid out to watch it reach totality. They were slightly impressed.

2004-Oct-28, 11:43 PM
[FONT=Impact][SIZE=1][COLOR=purple] We watched the Eclipse from NH and it was so clear it was wonderful&#33; My 11 year old son and I sat up to watch it through the "sky light-moon roof " &#33; :rolleyes: :D I am glad that he&#39;s interested in astronomy&#33; It was brown-orange, and we have factories in our area with lots of lights, so I was amazed at how well we could see. The most impressive part was from 10:00-10:45pm EST. Well worth the loss of a little sleep, and who was that Ball Game any way?jgautier@gsinet.net

2004-Oct-28, 11:51 PM
Like Karen, though not Maryland territory(VA.,myself)...the last 7/8 was a bit cloudy, though my daughters got a kick out of the bite in the first half. I would have love to see the moon unmasked. Congrats Boston. :)

2004-Oct-29, 01:58 AM
I also observed the eclipse from Calgary. I have a hill behind my house that I usually use for observing. I got up there a few minutes before totality, and there was a woman with her kids up there looking at the eclipse. We talked about it for a while, and I lent the kids my binoculars to look at the eclipse. They seemed to think it was pretty neat, and then the woman had to go to send her kids to bed. But introducing others to astronomical sights is so much fun. I also observed a few other things, then eventually went in. It was a great night, though I noticed the bright limb stayed throughout the eclipse, and it didn&#39;t seem as red (or dark) as the last eclipse in November. Still, it reminded me I should get outside more often.

2004-Oct-29, 04:46 AM

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I fall into the category of "one eye on the sky, one on the game." Both were spectacular, obviously, though here in Maine the view was obscured a bit by overcast skies. My friends and I were hoping the Sox would win the game at the hieght of the eclipse (I mean, &#39;tis the season for spooky stuff, right?) Alas, the game carried on a bit too long. Never the less, it was a fantastic night, both as a Red Sox fan and an amateur astronomer. Go Sox&#33;

2004-Oct-29, 09:03 AM
We have had rain here in Hawaii, but Wed/27th was mostly cloudy. I live near and work in the Southermost town, Na&#39;alehu, and from there, facing South and East, you can see the ocean. As I got off work I checked out the horizon and lo and behold, I could see it&#33; Had to run home to pick up my sister, my grandson and his friend, and go back to our viewing spot before 6:49pm, MOONRISE&#33; Sunset was only 4 minutes later.
In our part of the world we were only going to see a "partial", as it was already in progress at moonrise. The horizon was fuzzy with far away cloudy stuff, but about 6:05 the crescent shape appeared&#33; We were able to see the last half, meaning, as it got fuller (I know there are correct terms here, but hey&#33; I dunno them). We stayed for an hour untill the bright full moon was visable. It was so beautiful; the glow on the ocean and all. From our viewing area there isn&#39;t one building around, only a pasture on a sweeping hillside with the ocean below, stretching out until it meets the sky. I felt very fortunate as we sat there, people driving by in the opposite direction on the nearby road, seemingly unaware of the beauty so near. My grandson and his friend played a little baseball in the field, climbed the mango tree we were parked near and knocked down the green mangos (we eat them green here as well as ripened), in between catching a look here and there at the moon and it&#39;s changing shape. I was so aware of our surroundings, hoping they will remember the event. They are 11, so I figure it made a good enough impression; "remember when we went with grandma to see the eclipse and we ate green mangos?"
Just loving life and making memories here&#33; :rolleyes:

2004-Oct-29, 02:06 PM
It sucked here in Charleston, South Carolina, US. We started observing here at the college. It was rather hazy but the moon was readily visible. Then 9:14 PM rolled around and the clouds quickly followed it. Completely overcast for the rest of the night. In fact, it&#39;s still overcast. Stupid stratus clouds. :angry:

We saw a little bit of it at the beginning. And there was a small break in the clouds about halfway between when it started and the beginning of totality. But the people who were there had fun anyway. Socializing is fun. But now I must wait another 3 years before seeing it with my own two eyes. By then I should be long graduated :knocks on wood:.

2004-Oct-29, 03:15 PM
Hi all,
Got up at 5:30. here in Greece we were in the penumbria, just. I got a good look for about 10 minutes at the best we get here: abit or redness and quite dark but got clouded out real fast about 6:00. It was worth the sleep loss though&#33;

2004-Oct-29, 04:41 PM
NW suburban Chicago was just great, just too much dew as the above post
indicated..It was rather odd to see the particular shadow line and the failure to
resolve mountains and craters like we normally see at first quarter...


2004-Oct-30, 01:22 AM
We had great weather in Southern Maine. I had the clubs 16in meade on the Moon and the Red Sox winning the World Series on the radio&#33; What a great night. :lol:

2004-Oct-31, 09:40 PM
I live in Hawaii. We really didn&#39;t get to see the eclipse. Whenever they have an event like that, the information given is off for us. We don&#39;t know the time or if we&#39;ll get to see it. The powers that be are pretty bad about thinking about stuff like that. During the hours of the eclipse I felt very bad; nothing would go right. As it ended, it all cleared up. My moon in in Cancer, the moon sign.

Some day it would be nice if Astronomy and Astrology could be combined, although it&#39;s far away right now.

Hey, could you change the font size on the box where you compose your mesages? It is too small. Thank you.

2004-Nov-01, 02:46 AM
I watched it as i was working at Food World in Alabama.

Im a bag boy soo everytime i went outside to get buggies i was watching the lunar eclipse.

2004-Nov-02, 01:03 AM
The skies were clear here in SE Louisiana. The eclipse was beautiful, amazing, really pretty&#33;