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2004-Oct-29, 05:40 PM
SUMMARY: As the Earth rushes to the point in its orbit known as the Winter Solstice, those in the Northern hemisphere see the days getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. This is good news for sky watchers, especially those willing to rise before dawn. This November offers a chance to witness a beautiful and somewhat rare sight, a close conjunction between the planets Venus and Jupiter.

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2004-Oct-29, 08:50 PM
Rod says ---

"The pair will be at their closest at 1:58 UTC on the 5th, when they are 33 arc-minutes apart, or about 0.42 degrees."

Should this not be 0.55 degrees - Any angle greater than 30 arc-minutes must be larger than 0.5 degrees - Right??
I just love to catch these kinds of things -
Shebang :rolleyes:

2004-Oct-30, 04:05 PM
shoudl be nice to spot these two in the sky

2004-Oct-30, 10:05 PM
Fraser look on your planetarium and you'll see that on the 16th June 2BC the same thing occurs even closer. I think it occurs every 9 months or so. Perhaps it is as the Scots poet Robbie Burns said," Some books are lies from end to end,And some great lies are never penned, Why even reverends have been kenned to lie and nail it with a scripture." I think the star of Bethlehem is a figment of some revs immagination, probably also the Magi. Why even Jesus may never have existed. At a time when 100,000 Iraqis have died over a lie of WMDs, a little lie about a carpenter to start a money earning racket, keeping male mystics in dresses, in a soft job for 2,000 years is a small price to pay. Try and explain why there are so many abuse cases involving the holy ones and you will see astronomers do a disservice trying to equate normal celestial concurrences with mysticism of any of the myriad kinds. All of them claiming to be the one true faith.