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2004-Nov-01, 05:23 PM
SUMMARY: This relatively boring picture of Spirit's calibration target, with a bit of rocky ground in the background is the 50,000th photograph sent back by NASA's twin rovers since they arrived on Mars in January, 2004. There are now more than twice as many images returned by the rovers as all three previous landers combined: Viking 1, Viking 2, and Mars Pathfinder. Both rovers have completed their three-month primary missions, and first extensions; they started their second extensions on Oct. 1.

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2004-Nov-01, 05:28 PM
These rovers have been very productive in terms of imaging and science. Hopefully we'll make improvements to the basic design and start sending rovers to other places in the decades ahead, such as the polar craters of Mercury, Jovian moons and Titan, Ceres & Vesta. Some of these need non-solar power supplies.

2004-Nov-01, 07:39 PM
I wonder if NASA would put all the images into a book, and sell it to the public.

It'd make a great "read." :lol:

2004-Nov-01, 09:00 PM
Originally posted by Guest@Nov 1 2004, 07:39 PM
It'd make a great "read." :lol:
Every image is on the web for free! take a look, don't buy the book.

2004-Nov-02, 07:33 PM
If I made a PowerPoint-type slide show of all those pictures, at say three seconds each (as if my computer at home could access, load, and view them that fast) that would be over 41 hours of viewing. I think I'd miss something here and there. Marvin the Martian (think Warner Brothers cartoon character) could have wandered through a dozen times and I'd probably miss each appearance. :rolleyes: