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2004-Nov-01, 06:09 PM
SUMMARY: Physicists have puzzled for more than a century about the nature of time. Why does it go in one direction? Time could go backwards, and physics formulas would still work properly. Researchers from the University of Chicago think they might have an answer: we live in a universe of ever increasing entropy. Instead of one Big Bang going off, and then the Universe expands and cools forever, small fluctuations in nearly empty space could set off new Big Bangs - the Universe would never reach equilibrium.

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2004-Nov-01, 07:50 PM
Wow. So much can be addressed in this issue...infinite universe or not, dark energy, did the BB really happen, what is our universe's fate, are there multiple universes out there and is string theory really valid. But that thing about entropy...that's new.

2004-Nov-01, 08:39 PM
Anti-time is the reason all these phantom particles are so fleeting.

When anti-matter is created, it exists in anti-time, and within million's of a second, of it being created , it is gone.( all the phantom particles created in accelerators) and then more predictions of strange particles.

One of the first strange particles is the non-existent neutrino's, first conjured up with impossible proerties, when quantum physics theory failed to explain facts observerd, in an experiment, some years ago.

Modern physics doesn't recognize this fact.

Anti-time fields ( control fields (L/T^4) are the way to contain anti-matter. Ptime

2004-Nov-01, 11:25 PM
Its an intriguing theory, yet whether or not other phycists prove the theory wrong in the future we will just have to wait and see. Ands hope time doesn't start running backward in our little solar system ;)

2004-Nov-01, 11:57 PM
sounds quiet good, I've like to see this theory developed more in the future..it could answer a lot of questions

2004-Nov-02, 12:38 AM
For us to ask why time flows only in one direction might be like a person stuck on a southbound train asking why one of the spatial dimensions "flows" only in one direction. Maybe time and entropy are linked, but maybe our consciousness and entropy are what is linked. To a truly objective observer (a contradiction in terms, probably), perhaps the life of a human being no more "flows" from the cradle to the grave than it does from the grave to the cradle; it's like a road you don't happen to be traveling on.

This is of course basically what Kurt Vonnegut postulated in "Slaughterhouse 5. He used the train metaphor, but I don't know that it was original with him.

2004-Nov-02, 01:44 AM
Nice try, but their model is flawed by the very mechanism that they admit is its weakness. Not to mention the fact that inflationary theory is crap, a band-aid that was added to big bang theory in order to explain why the universe appears bigger and flatter than it should if it is only thirteen and a half billion years old.

They're right about entropy though, but you start grasping at straws as soon as you start adding spookey mysterious dark energy from "elsewhere".

There's a better theory that's already proven, but without the voodoo physics.

Occam says the univers is bigger than expected cause it already had volume when the BB occurred, and guess what, he's right, especially if Hawking is right and there are no perfect cosmic singularities.

Occam also says that the universe is ALMOST flat, because the last one was too, further supported by Hawkings assertions if information is never lost, then the traits or characteristics in the form of asymmetries or imperfections are carried perpetually forward in time via the second law of thermodynamics.

... per the mechanism described at this site:


2004-Nov-02, 01:14 PM
:o According to our research universe is A-Temporal and is in a permanent dynamics equilibrium.

Best Wishes, amrit Sorli, SpaceLife Institute,

see more on our web site:


2004-Nov-03, 03:17 AM
:huh: While this is all utterly facinating, shouldn't we spend our time on things other than analysing time? :)

2004-Nov-03, 10:05 AM
Why does entropy exist? Are we not taught that things like to be in a lower energy state or a state of equilibrium. With this reasoning time should be able to flow in either direction.

George Morrone
2004-Nov-03, 12:39 PM
Saying "entropy always increases" assumes time; i.e. entropy at t1 is greater than at t0. Has anyone proposed a definition of entropy that does not assume the "existence" of time? Maybe time is more fundamental than entropy?

2004-Nov-03, 01:26 PM
Unfortunaley the entropy argument can only suggest why time is in one direction (forward) not why time exists at all. But its a bit chicken and egg. Does time move only forward because entropy is always increasing or does entropy only ever increase becomes time can only move forwards?

2004-Nov-04, 06:39 AM
Hi Bunny! I thinkyou've remembered only half of what was taught. Things tend to be in the lower energy state or greater entropy.This is the conditon for spontaneous processes. Unless you can prove that the big bang is nonspontaneous, things would still be what they are. Furthermore,entropy is a state function, means that it's value depends only on the initial and final states of the system,in this case,the system is the universe,where entropy always increases. If you can undo things, then,entropy would not be always increasing. Now, that requires the chant:Let things done be undone! :D

2004-Nov-04, 01:16 PM
And anti matter doesn't disappear because it gioes backward in time; it disappears because it meets a normal matter particle and they annihilate each other.

If you isolate antimatter from contact with matter it lasts for the same length of time.

Apparently some mathematical models treat antimatter as being the same as normal matter going back in time; but the reverse is also true, and both types of matter are as stable as each other in isolation. (near enough anyway).

2004-Nov-08, 09:48 AM
bunny, assuming their theory is correct, if another big bang is set off in some near empty space, did the entropy increase? :D

2004-Nov-10, 12:55 AM
Come to think of it, this theory by Carroll et al sounds funny. " new universes appear in some cold, near-empty space" so entropy always increases?? Increase in entropy is based on the assumption that the new universes are part of the old such that there's only one system! Bubbles within a bubble that is continuously expanding. The dilema comes when the rate of production and expansion of the new universes overcome the rate of expansion of the old universe. What will happen to the old universe then? If the new universes are not part of the old, then entropy of the old universe does not increase due to their formation.

2005-Jan-22, 09:57 PM
Since we are programmed to look at the formation of the Universe from a perspective of a large explosion that according to existing doctrine happened 13 billion years ago, scientific perception is slanted towards finding answers to support the big bang theory with explanations for the extreme flatness and expansion caused by a mysterious unknown dark matter and bands of branes that cause cycles of entropy and further big bangs. However, explosions cannot explain why the Universe is so flat? Flatness is caused by the Universe having a rotation because it is spinning around itself. What could possibly cause the Universe to have a rotation? The Matter Universe has to have a direction of rotation otherwise there would be zero movement of Mass towards a center period, and because of this elegant flow around a center the Universe is flat. It would not be flat if it exploded and was formed by a big bang! Also space is flat and does not have curvature, while the movement of mass by gravity creates electromagnetic shock waves of light that has curvature around electromagnetic fields. We have some very primitive concepts similar to the flat earth concepts that purport to imagine a Universe that suddenly formed from an explosion and have conjured up all sorts of dark matter that is causing such incredible expansion of Galactic Storms at the outer edges of known Universe at speeds approaching that of light. Impossible, and it is impossible that we live in an entropic Universe. This flat plane has to be held together by a greater force and most likely it is held together by a duality cone of both Matter and Antimatter time waves that we know in this Universe as the forward time wave of GRAVITY within our side of the Matter Universe. Again we have a very primitive view of Universe because we can only perceive a very small portion of the light that curves around almost 180 degrees out of sink from the rotation of Universe around a Center of Super Galactic Clusters which we have not found. It takes 25,000 years for our solar system to revolve around our local constillation, and 220 million years for our constillation to revolve around the huge black hole at the center of our galaxy. Antimatter is a reverse time wave and exists only because it is in sink with the reverse flow of the other half of our Universe that exists as a flat circulation of energy around a center and is connected by a huge dynamo of central flux tubes of energy flow that unites the two halves just like the corpus collosum in our brains unite the two halves of our neo cortex, and this dynamic movement of mass completes the circular flow and causes the tremendous pressures of gravity as the return wave that is almost instantaneous at speeds 20 million times the speed of light to enable the balance of ebb and flow of energies between the Matter and Antimatter Universe.

Note: two flat plates of metal on axis, if top plate spins in one direction the torque of Universe will cause the other plate to begin to spin in the opposite direction. Plus most likely this Universe is a plasma cascade ejecta that along with its negative and positive planes that not only spin in opposite directions but our Universe also spins around itself and is in sink with the hyperdimensional flow of a higher diminsional parent Universe.

The reason that CPT is violated with Antimatter is because it is out of sink and exists as the other half of Universe as a mirror within all Atomic structure and upon its release when splitting from a partical accelerator its resonance frequencies attempt to get back to the other half of Universe. Ordinarily a negative wave and positive wave are attracted to each other, but because of the spinning acceleration created by the torque of this huge dynamo called Universe the waves will part from each other but if they do connect such as when Jets of Antimatter collide from Black Holes as a resonance dynamic created by the return of Gravity from the torque drive of Universe, then this jet of Antimatter when it hits Matter will annihilate and release tremendous high frequency gamma and x-ray light waves which travels slower then Gravity because light is a subset and is created as a shock wave from higher frequency gravity time waves. Thus, the article which stated that the Universe is becoming more entropic is incorrect and instead the Universe is a regenerative system.


2005-Jan-22, 10:22 PM
Originally posted by cosmicsurfer@Jan 22 2005, 09:57 PM
it is held together by a duality cone of both Matter and Antimatter time waves
Hi cosmicsurfer, welcome to the forum.

Is this some kind of manifesto? If you are sincere in believing that this is the true picture of the universe, why publish it here? Surely there are higher profile venues for such a work.

There a few aspects of all this that I didn't follow, for example you say

It takes 25,000 years for our solar system to revolve around our local constillation and I am curious as to where this came from. To my knowledge the sun does not orbit around a constellation every 25,000 years. Do you have some source for this, or is it your own discovery?

2005-Jan-23, 10:02 PM
Hi antoniseb!!! Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. Regarding our solar system and local constellation rotation. I picked this up from a model of the galactic flow that showed the arms generating circular movement and utilized the 25,800 year precesssion figure to generalize the possibility that we actually do move in a circulation as the entire Orion Arm moves through space at high speeds. The Bow Shock wave generated by the Orion Arm of our galaxy would create further frontal gravitational friction that could create an eddy effect and rotation of subspace orbitals within the Arm.

As for the Matter/Antimatter Universe Model, after reading about how Paul Dirac had a realization that the Universe had both a positive and negative iteneration that showed a positive 1+ to infinity, and a negative 1- to infinity I came to the conclusion that time did not exist without movement, and that movement could not have happened with out a duality of relativity cones of positive and negative directions of spreading time waves or gravity from a central point. Because I had spent time investigating Plasmas I was able to visualize a circumstance where both a Matter and Antimatter Time Wave could become generated from a centralized point. The faster the speed of Gravity the slower the Time Wave, so that as the Gravitational Positive and Negative Wave spread out much like a cone it became a field of energy that allowed condensation of mass, generation of Light, and created a localized view plane that controlled the speed of light by surrounding electromagnetic regional frequencies and generated a relativity view plane that was localized. In other words, Relativity is a Localized phenomenon and the Speed of Light is not consistent throughout the Universe. Neither is the Speed of Gravity. We are extremely primitive in our understandings of how the Universe operates and much of the functions are directed by the actual shape of the Universe and the dynamic energy flows that are resonances that have super resonance accross large boundary capabilities and can transmit at almost Virtual Universe Resonance Speeds, which is demonstrated by the Neo Solar and Black Holes super resonance Antigravity Antimatter Jets. This resonance is large scale and adjusts instantaneously compared to the speed of light. Light waves pass through this medium and are a reflection of local Relativity therefore Time is not the same anywhere and two objects must be travelling at the same speed to have the same clock speed.

Because Relativity is a localized phenomenon, we can create antigravity craft that can have the capability to create a self contained quasi-singularity that generates tremendous fields of energy and is no longer subject to local relativity and can travel faster then the speed of light without feeling any motion, and enable humanity to explore the vastness of our Universe. Before we can do this we will have to change our view plane on how the Universe functions, because existing physics is our zietgeist of conditioning that only limits our ability to escape the bonds of Gravity.

I am writing a series of Science Fiction Novels that I hope to develop into motion pictures. We have a long way to go in understanding the true nature of Universe, and I hope I can help in some small way in bringing some new ideas about Universe to the table.


2005-Jan-26, 07:07 AM
"On the possibility of repulsive gravitational interaction between matter and antimatter
Authors: Jose M. Ripalda
Comments: 5 pages (ReVTEX), no figures

Large scale matter-antimatter symmetry and antigravity is proposed as an hypothesis to explain recent cosmological observations and as an alternative to a non zero cosmological constant. It is found that various aspects of general relativity hint this possibility. "

Source: http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9906012

Of course my ideas carry their concept a step further because we visually see the evidence of what these researchers are talking about regarding repulsive forces of Antimatter; however, we can only observe the effects of Antimatter in a Matter dominated one half of the Universe because we cannot see the other half of our sister Antimatter Universe.

Jets of Antimatter are repulsive as they shoot out of Black Holes in a reverse spiral to the inward flow of the Matter plasmas. Great clouds of Antimatter then accumulate around the Galactic Bubble that provide a repulsive force expanding the high pressure zones between the low pressure galactic storms. There is a lot more to discover about our Universe, interesting though that finally maybe science is on the threshold of breaking out of the standard model with new discoveries that could provide huge changes in the way we think about the Universe.