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2004-Nov-11, 01:33 PM
Few people believe in not doing anything throught their last breath, due to anxities,due to more stress upon their mind, the uneasyness while on computer, the seating problem, the acidity problem, the crazy nature[not yours] eyesight disturbance, the excessive weight of the people, one can overcome all such things by adopting yoga, yoga is not that difficult, i am giving some briefings of my yoga activity:

rising early bed 5.am then i drink a water from the pot of copper which i kept in the night full of water and a tight cover on to it, then just keep some ayurvedic powder to clean my teeths by the fingers, [not by brush in the morning but after meal i use brush]
then i take a bath, then i stars yoga, by spreading a simple bedsheet on the floor, then i first take surya namaskara yoga, in which one has to join his hand and stands towards the sun rising side, then i touch my head to my knees [for half minute it covers the stomatch problems and the waist pains if so]

then i touch the hands to the head fingers of the both foot, i look to the earth side,[at this time i left thoughts in my mind, yoga wants some coolness of mind]

then i keep back my foot on the floor ......\ then second foot back, then i touch my foread on the floor in the slipping position on stomatch, here i only touch my forehead and chest on the floor and only the ten fingers on the ground,
rest whole body i streach upper, then again i forward one leg and second leg in the back position, then again i look towards earth, tighten my legs and in the hyperbola position, like a inverse U,

then i stand again straight during this last position i look towards sun. this sort of excercise i took for 12 times repeatition.

Benefits: fitness of mind, fitness of whole body, confidence, non-timidity, peace of mind, coolness of body, no-draussyness, thirst rises, and food taking wish rise[hence takes some fruits also], and this excercise is more useful in curtailing the excess weight, it gives a good support of the heart activities, and blood circulation of the whole body. in a course of time we can win our crazyness by doing yoga.[you people are not crazy at all]
see, the information given here, apply or not apply its your wish.


Ola D.
2004-Nov-12, 11:32 AM
Thanx for providing these info. sunil.. I find yoga very interesting. I exercised yoga for a short time and the benefits you mentioned are true. I once read a book and it said yoga is also accompained by a certain food diet called macrobiotics, where meals mainly consist of vegetables and wheat with small portions of meat.

Do you follow this diet? Reading much about it, i think it's a difficult diet to follow; however, it's very healthy and curable.

2004-Nov-15, 10:40 AM
you have pointed out the facts very correctly, the pure vegitarian's definition is that he never eat non vegetable items during his life course, the pure vegitarian people do not need to eat the non veg. I am following the rules of pure vegitarian and since then i do not have any sort of health complaint, nor i fall sick in last 10 years before there was only a mild temperature i suffered. and one must always to take bath with the cold water he will never falls sickness round the years.

kind regards


Ola D.
2004-Nov-15, 01:58 PM
That's very interesting sunil,
According to what i've read, the macrobiotics isn't only restricted to food and diet; it's a whole system of life - that's why it was "macro", meaning "big" . Moreover, what i found more interesting is that your food affects your attitudes and behaviour.. I honestly liked this strange connection :)

2004-Nov-15, 04:52 PM
its fine,
well, few people eat leafs of tree only, no further food is there, few people practise eight day continues hunger why this is so? it is because they want to renew their own basic concepts regarding to the health point of view, their faith in this because they feals that the blood purifies, their strength of mind, body, rigitidy, and more easyness in their walking in expressing the things, their behaviour, their possitiveness in respect of the life style all this comes through the eating habits and patterns to which they are adhere, Ola.

what you are telling that also a real fact The nature created food for man and we have invented to eat due to the intelligence given to us, now it is up to we that what to eat and what not, ofcourse, people can say like this, but the reflection in thinking intelectually the eating habits draws some impacts on the mind due to the eating habits.


2004-Nov-15, 09:47 PM
I only eat roots and leaves. :rolleyes: GREAT for the sex-life. Cheap too!

2004-Nov-16, 12:21 AM
I am inspired now more than ever to join the team of relief. Good diet, mind and body. :) I have actually been interested in some form of exercise since the twins have given me my peace to commit in some type of work-out. Now, being over 30, metabolism slowing down...yet mind and body still pumped up to rid extra-energy...I find Yoga well-worth the (my) time. :)

Ola D.
2004-Nov-16, 02:44 AM
You're missing the stems Chook :)

2004-Nov-16, 04:26 AM
Sorry Ola D. I forgot in my excitement. :P

2004-Nov-16, 04:00 PM
chook! keep mind simple,
well ola has given a sharp tilt in a positive direction of thoughts and victoria is wise by mind as quoted that being over 30 feals to get yoga better, i will further suggest a meditation early in the morning, look at a simple paper sticked on the wall seat on the ground on the carpet, at 4.00 [early in the morning] and look for some time as you bare to look at that point, [take a marker pen especially of dark blue or semi dark] and point a circle in the centre of the blank paper and look into that marked ball on the paper, sometime you will starts a little headache, but next day you will concentrate your mind. second thing you can adopt to do that is 1. seat on your foots by folding it, and your back must be straight and calm, now close your eyes and you start to move your both hands on forehead, back of the neck, chest and stomatch and the legs, and on the face,cheeks and eyes, ears etc. you will some different kind connection and you will feal fearless, tensionless, you will start to feal coolness in your mind.

eat what you like but eat in the night if possible take a half food as compare in the day time, it will control your weight, secondly early in the morning you will find yourself more energetic and fine.

Ola D.
2004-Nov-16, 05:18 PM
Thanx for these tips sunil :)

2004-Nov-18, 02:54 PM
chook,as you said that people are eating leafs, have you ever heard that man can live only on sun-light, there was a news in last year's newspaper contents that a man is living on only sun-light, sun rays are his food and living without food, in my opinion those are good to send in the astronomical tour who can live without food for some eight to fifteen days, subject to if the tour is for fifteen days.

discussion tendency created by a mind and to keep mind more helthier that is an important aspect. master is needed to learn yoga for mind which is essential for a every individual.


Ola D.
2004-Nov-18, 07:37 PM
Are you serious?! That's the weirdest thing i've ever heard in my life.. Living on sun rays. But how is that possible, knowing that we are only considered as consumers and not photosynthetic organisms like plants?

2004-Nov-19, 11:39 AM
have you heard that people of yoga can drink the water through their nostrils !, in the NETI yoga, the pipe type instrument filled with water, by keeping in one nostril they drink the water and by second nostril, this is used for cinus problem and for cleaning of nostrils, sometime water can discharge by the one nostril when it was taken by the second nostril. there are many interesting things, Ola.

2004-Nov-19, 11:40 AM
that sounds like fun, sunil....:blink:

but seriously, that is pretty amazing

2004-Nov-19, 01:23 PM
So suntrack, on the night of a full moon, would the man who lives on sunlight think of that as a midnight snack? :)

Sorry, I just had to bring a little humor to this tread...Oh I forgot, Chook already did that...well that is if you can call his post funny. :P :lol:

2004-Nov-20, 10:05 AM
Quote suntrack2:
"there was a news in last year's newspaper contents that a man is living on only sun-light, sun rays are his food and living without food"

Y'know - I remember that account; and the bloke submitted himself to scientific scrutiny. As I recall, he was constantly watched for a considerable time to make sure that he didn't take a quick "midnight snack" (thanks Jimmy!) but I didn't follow it up (damnit!) so don't know the outcome.

Anybody know?

2004-Nov-20, 04:23 PM
hello damien,hi chook and JIMMY,
you have nicely interacted in this topic, your words are very very commendable, thank u v'much. in the yoga the humankind keep himself to overcome on the stress through the music therapy, how to do it, it is very simple, it will help to remove the great chaos in our thinking process, it is the simple exercise to mind, the procedure is as follow, you follow it or not it is upto you only.
1. take a streight chair in which your back will get a 90 angle while seating, i mean your legs and rest body posture will have to get 90 angle like 'L'. then keep a table in front of you nearly with the chest or upper stomatch side viz. " L | " like this.
then first of all you have to keep your both hands on your thy, then take a assistance of anyone to start the play button of the tape record in which you have to choose a cassette is of silent music, ready that cassette into the tape recorder, or a cd drive, keep a volume very low, there will be no other noise in that room or hall, only you and that mucic will be there,

2. then you have to do to seat in the chair and close your eyes, keep both palm easily on the both eyes that is left on the left eye and right on the right eye, then you have to bend your head on the table for rest, you will not do any movement, forget all your assignments at this juncture, then start the music and listen it for at least for 5 to 7 minutes or maximum for 10 minutes, you have to listen that cassette carefully, the cassette must be of only silent music and played in the instruments only not of anyone's voice only music cassette require, after 10 minutes stop that cassette, lift your head in the back possition, remove your palms from the eyes and open your eyes,

3. you will experience that the tension has gone, your mind become refresh.
try it at your house if you can.
[the cassette music must be of a silent taste, not pop and rock, please .]
you tell me your experiences of this yoga with music.


Ola D.
2004-Nov-20, 07:51 PM
Hey Sunil,
And what about the Aroma Therapy? I've heard much about it, but never actually tried it from before.

2004-Nov-20, 10:49 PM
What about if our genes were spliced with plants, and we could photosynthesise. It would be great for the environment. We wouldn't need to grow as much food, and we'd absorb carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen some of the time.

In all seriousness, I'm a big believer in what yoga and meditation can do. I also reckon that it is possible in the West to be vegetarian and get enough nutrition. You have to be very careful about protein (and to get a balance of all essential amino acids), and women need to be careful about iron. I'm 20 years old and I was a pure vegetarian for about 8 years. I get a cold on average once every 2 years. I started eating fish again about a year ago because I went to Japan and it was so yummmm.

2004-Nov-20, 11:12 PM
Quote Suntrack2:
"choose a cassette is of silent music."
"the cassette must be of only silent music "

Is this like one hand clapping? Or do you mean - play some instrumental music, no vocal, with volume very low?

2004-Nov-21, 03:47 PM
well Kashi interesting thing you have quote, my birth name is kashinath, anyway, the increased protin in the body may cause a tilt towards dibaties, the protin factor may be control through the yogic exercersion it will control the excessive sugar in the body, you simply go for 2 km jogging very slightly and without keeping any kind of pressure on your body, if the shoeless jogging then it will be beneficial.
you are acquinted with fist that's good, but see the thorn of the fish, eat it carefully, the codliver oil was famous from my childhood.


================================================== ===
well chook,
thanks for your interest, choose a "flute music tune", or any silent music not vocal.

================================================== ===

Ola D.
2004-Nov-21, 09:29 PM
As a vegetarian, are seaweeds a regular item you intake in you meals? I was actually fascinated by the benefits of consuming seaweeds and the useful quantities of vitamins and minerals it has. After trying it, i found it tasty (depending on the weed).. and now i try to consume it regularly since it's curable , beneficial and tasty- Things that are rarely found in one food item ;)

2004-Nov-22, 04:29 AM
Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your meditation instruction, I will try it when I have some time.
I used to do Surya namaskar and it is a Great exercise for the whole body and mind. I need to start again.

2004-Nov-22, 11:51 AM
thank you jimmy, well ola, the oils [especially scented]are used in the aromatic therapy, and some sandle juice and other flowers are also inhaled through the nostril to give the brain a good test of smells, in the aroma therapy which is an alternate therapy for brain is normally used by the most of the people, in the forests there are several descent trees and flowers having a nice scent and perfume like smelling experience few times it has seen by taking such therapy one can feal in heaven. few people decorate their slipping rooms with the best perfumed flowers due to this the brain responds and one can get a easy sleep too.

================================================== ===
secondly for the head and rest body, one can do the little bit try for the massage
the massage is useful for head before slipping by the oil which is cool in the property, it gives some best results for 1. headache cure, 2. hair loss can be stop with a regular massage in the night.

================================================== ===
thirdly for a body relaxing one can better apply as follows:
seat in a open terrace in front of sun, and keep a bowl with the mustard oil [this oil is mostly eat by the sikhs,[i don't know in canada whether they use it] this oil is best for the massage, few oddur remain but we can remove it through applying soap latter. you have to gently spread the oil on your legs and hands on the back on the neck, on the head[optional] and get start for a gently massage, our hands can go back on the back of the neck, on the thies, left forehand, right forehand, on the shoulders, for just half an hour. then rest for again half an hour in the sunlight of very early morning, don't seat after 8.a.m. in the sun for half an hour if you sustain the heat then there is no problem but avoid, after some days you will find that a good muscular health you are acquiring latter. your movement will be definete as per normal course of actions of legs and hands. if anyone supports to massage for the back that's an added advantage, because our power does not support to drop the pressure on the back hence the support is nessary by a third hand.
================================================== ===
fourthly, few people apply a sort of paste which is herbal in property after massage, because after massage the oily portion suck by this paste, don't apply any medecinal paste or gel, only herbal means, the paste of pulses is useful, or a powder of pulse is fine, drop some water in the half bowl powder move it with your finger and prepare a semi solid and then apply after the massage.
================================================== ===

2004-Nov-25, 11:11 AM
1. specific time and a aloof place
2.don't keep mind clouded with worries
3.remain quiet for the specific period of meditation
4.5-7 minutes deep breath
5.the rhythmic breath is necessary for the inhale and exhale
6.in the first event your mind will wonder in different thoughts
7.forcealbly do not concentrate your mind
8. choose the different object for concentrate your mind like, fruits, plants, flowers, candle etc.
9. daily practise the yoga for atleast 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
10. seat ub a straight position neck and head in one line, and preferably seat in the north or east.
1.it will deal to help the stress of the mind