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2004-Nov-18, 03:10 PM
Hey guys

I'm standing down as a moderator, because I just don't have the time anymore. I used to work nights, 4 on, 4 off, and I used to be able to spend anything up to 9 hours a night in here. Since I quit that job, sold my house, emigrated and got married, I can't do that anymore!

You've probably noticed that I'm not around as much as I used to be and I sincerely feel bad about that. I'm not able to give you or the site as a whole the support needed and I therefore don't feel it's fair for me to continue to be a moderator.

So after speaking with Fraser and the other moderators, I'm going to stand down and I'll go back to being a regular member again. I'd like to stress that in no way is my decision a reflection of the site, it's content or any of the members - it's purely a case of lack of time. I'll still stop by when I can, but I just won't be around as much as I used to be.

UT has a great support mechanism that's rarely seen in online forums; it has a fantastic sense of community and it will continue to grow in the months and the years to come. I know you're all as proud as I am to be a part of it.

Thank you all for your support :)

So long and thanks for all the fish :P


2004-Nov-18, 05:17 PM
Thanks for all your help Dips, I really appreciate it. We'll see you around.

2004-Nov-18, 05:29 PM
Ahhhh, man!!! You just had to go and get married, didnt you??? :D

Just playin around; I hope you do come back though, youre an excellent mod. I still hope you visit as well.

On the other hand, that means theres a job opening for a mod.... Hey Fraser.... :lol:

2004-Nov-18, 06:24 PM
Thank you, I know how much moderators are appreciated. I hope you'll still regularly visit the site as a valued member!


2004-Nov-18, 10:34 PM
Indeed. It was great working with you Dippy.

2004-Nov-18, 11:47 PM
Cheers Dippy! It's been fun. No doubt we'll see your hippy loving self once in a while, I hope?

Good luck with everything.


2004-Nov-18, 11:56 PM
Good luck, DipStick. Sorry to see you go as a Mod. but, then, it is understandable.

But we Aussies reckon you should immigrate here to Australia. And the surf's better too! :)

2004-Nov-19, 08:01 AM
A job well done Dips, keep cool nd in contact

and I agree with Chook, get over here!!!

2004-Nov-19, 01:00 PM
I agree with the others Dips, you did a great job and we all appreciate it.

However, don't listen to the Aussies, stay with me, Galaxy girl, Tom 2, Tinaa and your many other American family friends. Actually, we should invite them here! :lol:

2004-Nov-19, 01:13 PM
Okay, okay, the party will be moved from fraser's island backyard to Dips' backyard

2004-Nov-19, 07:32 PM
Here I am a day late again.
I had lost my internet service for most of this week, and just got it back moments ago.
I wanted to join the parade of moderators too of saying goodby to Dippy in the moderator section.

Dippy Hippy impressed me early on in the forums and has always lived up to it since. He will certainly be missed as a moderator, but I do understand trying to walk the balance beam of time management.

If nothing else, we can all appreciate his honesty in dropping his moderator status and prestige in favor of his life's priorities.
Again he and his contributions as moderator will be missed.

Since I missed the opportunity to say goodbye to him in the Moderator section, I'll either send him a PM with this message pasted, or look see if he has something posted in the general section and paste this there as a reply.