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2004-Nov-23, 11:11 PM
I have a standing offer of $250,000 to anyone who can give any empirical evidence (scientific proof) for evolution.* My $250,000 offer demonstrates that the hypothesis of evolution is nothing more than a religious belief. Says Dr. Kent Hovind

dr.dino.com (http://www.drdino.com/Ministry/250k/index.jsp)

i dont know but this is an offer that i thank will never ever be tooken on

what do u thank about evolution?????

2004-Nov-23, 11:32 PM
Evolution is a real phenomenon, and is responsible for the diversity of life on our planet; DNA evidence certainly demonstrates this, and I wonder what tortuous arguments this guy has against the evidence for evolution and cladism in DNA;

but the fact of evolution in the past cannot be proved.

You can only prove a negative, and we can never prove that some deity did not create the world as it is, including all the evidence for evolution.

So his money is safe.

2004-Nov-23, 11:39 PM
what if there is some way for us to know what happend in the past some sign something that was alive "read my post in the Theory's section" it is called the Gap theory i thank mabe there could be something alive or something for us to know what happend in the past.

2004-Nov-24, 01:42 PM
Wow, religion AND politics. I've removed most of the content of this message, as it violates forum rules. The author is new here, so don't chide him this time. -antoniseb

i cant beleave my eyes u cant post what u thank happend???????

i will tell u guys the web site later after school it is a half day today so read about 5:00 and it will be on (so u can read the theory)

you can look for the gap theory
on this website (http://www.drdino.com)

2004-Nov-24, 05:58 PM
You can post about your theories, but you can't talk about religion or politics. I'll let you figure out a way to do that if you still want to talk about evolution. For example, you could question some aspect of evolution, like when life first crawled out of the oceans, but if your justification is religious or political, then you're breaking the rules of the forum.

Religion and politics are fun to argue about in the right environment, but our experience on this forum is that those kinds of conversations ALWAYS turn nasty. It's like a ticking timebomb. So, my rule, no timebombs allowed.

2004-Nov-24, 09:39 PM
:P Yes... Fraser is right :rolleyes: When those people come up your drivway, theres no point trying to dismantle or change there beliefs. They wont be swayed.
This site is scientificly based on our like interest in astronomy and is a great place to discuse all sorts of interesting stuff... :unsure: to us. :rolleyes: I use it regularly to brouden my knowledge., :) and for this I thank you Fraser. B)
sorry about my spelling. :angry:

2004-Nov-25, 03:41 PM
Give us a couple hundred years and we'll be able to prove that evolution is real. (it takes a while to see a species change).

2004-Nov-25, 03:59 PM
Originally posted by bossman20081@Nov 25 2004, 03:41 PM
iit takes a while to see a species change.
Some change faster than others. Try killing a staf infection you got in a hospital with Penicillin. Sixty years ago this was the standard way to do it. Today, it does nothing. These bacteria evolved.

Considering the changing environments on our planet and elsewhere in space, this ability to adapt is good for life, but tough on medicine.

2004-Nov-25, 09:12 PM
It could be that our abilaty to evolve and change is why we are still here. Those poor old dino's couldent make the ajustment.
Humanities abilaty to adjust to the conditions is our ticket for servival. Look at the diversaty of our diet across the world.

2004-Nov-26, 05:03 AM
So...I guess I'll create a variation of this string, about how one could prove that evolution is not a religious beliefs, so people could try and ponder the most substantial proof of evolution...as a matter of fact, I'll do that right now (if Fraser'll let me ;) ).

2004-Nov-27, 06:20 PM
Yeah, Im well aware of what happened to penicillin-how it is now useless in some cases. But we also saw how the moths in England adapted to better survive (they turned black to blend in with the soot) and yet we still have people who dont accept evolution. The only way I see people accepting evolution is for them to actually see it themselves. In a couple hundred years, lets show our descendants what we (we as in now) looked like and then let them find away to argue against it.

2004-Dec-02, 01:39 AM
How much do you see us evolving if we continue to get an advancing race of machines to adapt our environment to us, rather than the reverse, the natural progression. Will any further evolution of our race be "self made" genetic enhancemets/cybernetics etc?

2004-Dec-02, 11:58 AM
No .. we will get fatter, weaker, more prone to infection.. if the computers dont eliminat us as they pass us in their evolutonary race. They are proof of evolution. We, is going to be history.

I still like the; Life that lives deep in the oceans, near volcanic vents. As the argument for evolution proof. Its called adapt or die. Lets adapt.

2004-Dec-02, 01:29 PM
Don't forget Global Warming too! I guess thats why its -10 degrees here right now. That might have huge effect on human life as we know it. It could just be so tragic. I can remember it was just called weather cycle, What ever happeed to that?

I sence a huge Ice Age coming.