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2004-Nov-24, 06:47 PM
SUMMARY: This is an image of impact Crater Hale, which is located in the Argyle basin in the southern hemisphere of Mars. The photograph was taken by the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft in June 2004. The crater and surrounding region have been heavily eroded over millions of years by a combination of wind and water. There is even evidence at the bottom of the picture of a network of fluvial channels, which were probably caused by running water.

See Full Story Here (http://www.universetoday.com/am/publish/crater_hale.html?24112004)

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2004-Nov-24, 06:57 PM
The image sure looks like the crater is full of dry light-colored silt.

2004-Nov-25, 10:16 AM
wonderful picture :)

2004-Nov-25, 11:17 AM
in another story there's a description that Tethys is mostly water...what if some of these craters on Mars were caused by objects like that?

there'd instantly be a sea's worth of water...and a basin to hold it?

Eric Vaxxine
2004-Nov-25, 12:39 PM
Take a look at report #077 on marsanomalyresearch.com very interesting with regards to fluvial activity.
Also, if anyone has the inclination...Have a peek at Spirit images from Sol 312, Nav Cam. Frames 1 & 2. Anything unusual about the shadows cast? Pitch Black.