View Full Version : book reviews news?

2004-Dec-12, 09:19 AM
although i am very grateful and a big fan of the book reviews, i question there spot as one of the few daily news items. maybe a separate front page area to indicate new book reviews? just feel there is surely another news item that deserves the spot listed under "current news". hope this isnt taken as disrepsect to the book review writers, who i very much appreciate. in fact, u could think of this as a recommendation for them, that they have there own front page area.

2004-Dec-12, 04:33 PM
Well, the publishing system I'm using would make that very difficult. So it's just easier to shuffle them in with the rest of the news.

2004-Dec-13, 02:13 AM
gotya! thanks!

2004-Dec-13, 04:24 AM
Perhaps you could put the book reviews down the bottom of the news.

2004-Dec-13, 09:48 AM
Yeah it looks a bit strange on my site using your xml feed: latest astronomy news... Book review- it would be nice if the book reviews were separate, if possible.

2004-Dec-13, 06:13 PM
Well, they're only the latest books which are reviewed, so that's still news.

2004-Dec-13, 06:28 PM
It's an interesting idea, but I see whre both sides of the argument are coming from!